Ron Paul: Stop the Police State, Repeal the PATRIOT Act!

Stop the Police State, Repeal the PATRIOT Act!

by Ron Paul

The year 2011 brings in a host of opportunities and challenges to America. Will we accelerate toward economic insolvency by continuing the policies that have created this crisis, or will a new Congress elected on the energy of the Tea Party movement find the courage to change course?

With the new Republican majority in the House I will have the opportunity as a subcommittee chairman to take a careful look at our domestic monetary policy. I’m excited by the prospect of real oversight of the Federal Reserve, but I also hope to focus on the important ways in which our foreign policy and monetary policy are related. Just last week the Financial Times reported that the limited oversight of the Federal Reserve allowed by the passage of a watered-down version of my Audit the Fed bill revealed that approximately 55% of the loans made available under the largest Federal Reserve bailout program – termed “auction facility” – went to foreign banks. This is just but one example of the real cost to Americans of maintaining its empire overseas and it cries out for more transparency and oversight.

This is why it is key for us to understand that our foreign policy and current economic crisis go hand in hand. Some have promised to lead us back to fiscal responsibility while asserting that any reduction in our foreign and military spending is off the table. They would like us to believe that we should not only continue spending as much on the military as the rest of the world combined, but they actually call for an even more aggressive U.S. policy abroad. They believe we should continue to bomb Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan and elsewhere, that we must impose even more crippling sanctions on countries like Iran while moving steadily on to yet another Middle East war that is not in our interest. They represent the failed policies of the past and they would like to lead us down a dead-end street. We must resist the temptation of their neocon-inspired scaremongering.

There will be much work for us to do in the next year and in the next Congress. We need look no further than the grossly unconstitutional and immoral policies of the Transportation Security Administration, demanding that we either be irradiated or fondled to travel in our own country, to see that those who would deprive us of our civil liberties on the empty promise of full security will not be given up easily. We must continue standing up to them and we must not compromise.

We must not allow the out-of-control Department of Homeland Security to impose an East-German like police state in the U.S. where neighbors are encouraged by Big Brother or Big Sister to inform on their neighbors. We must not accept that government authorities should hector us via television screens as we go about our private lives like we are living in Orwell’s 1984.

I’m optimistic that the incoming members of Congress understand the importance of what they have been entrusted with by the American people. But I do hope that those who elected them will watch their actions and their votes in Congress carefully. An early indication will be the upcoming vote on re-authorization of the anti-American PATRIOT Act. Defeating once-and-for-all this police state legislation will be a great way to start 2011 and the 112th Congress.

We must move ahead with confidence. Our numbers are growing. Happy New Year!


  • 411American

    If history has anything to do with this one bullet takes care of that . America knows who they are and should hunt them down and hang them in public as the trial has already been adjourned the price now needs to be paid. Showing is better tan telling any day. Freedom fighters, know your targets. Freedom is not doing what you want when you want- FREEDOM is doing what you have to do when you need to do it. Regardless if Ron Paul is show or tell America needs to be freed first.

  • Zalahblue

    The Constitution of the United States was Created to Protect the People of a Free Nation against Government encroachment. We The People need to use this gift from our Fore Fathers against the Liars Crooks and Thieves in the White House, instead of falsely believing THEY HAVE THE RIGHTS TO USE IT AGAINST US.
    ~ When you see the enemy, take him by the nose and kick him in the ASS ~ General Patton

  • Ero

    Don’t raise the dept start cutting, bring them home.

  • Joseph Gerant

    When we are governed by Presidential Order we have a police state. Congress owes us accounting. This is simple. Reading the Constitution in House was a very good start. I read your book “The Revolution” and wish you well Ron Paul. Carry on.

  • freedomlover4409

    I love ron paul

  • arrdvarks1

    In one of several Youtube videos, which featured text against a dark background, Loughner described inventing a new U.S.

    currency and complained about the illiteracy rate among people living in Giffords’ congressional district in Arizona.

    Per Seatlle PI Nation/World (Officials say congresswoman shot)

  • napalmvoododaddy

    he’s right. our numbers are growing. beyond what you or i may think at this time. brzezinski said in a meeting of cfr members in canada. that the people, world wide, in mass, are staring the elite in the eyes. and in past history it was easier to control a million people rather than kill them. but now, it’s easier to kill a million people rather than control them. this tells me we’re in for one hell of a dangerous ride. prepare now. and if possible, get out of large cities.

  • romeoechomike369

    The man speaks the truth, no matter what you might think of his politics. Libertarians can be Neocons in sheep’s clothing, but Ron Paul has some outstanding ideas. I believe he is one of the few honest people left on Capitol Hill. Why he and people like Ralph Nader, Noam Chomsky and others are ignored by the mainstream media, is indicative of who and what the mainstream media represents. The consolidation of mainstream media into fewer hands has created a propaganda ministry for the elite!

  • zvz2010

    We need a revolution to take back our great nation. Its the only way things will ever change for the better. Electing a Republican is not going to inprove conditions. They will continue to grow the government. The spending needs to stop now.

  • zvz2010

    We need a revolution to take back our great nation. Its the only way things will ever change for the better. Electing a Republican is not going to inprove conditions. They will continue to grow the government. The spending needs to stop now!

  • something9313

    he should get away from the TPM – Tea party movement
    and Republican party, why doesn’t he attempt his own constituional party?
    The tea party has white supremeists like Glenn Beck involved in it…
    Dr. Paul has some good idea’s however I fear they could be deliberatly abused like simpletens like Beck and O’Reilly, however sadly he is the best option America has at the minute, but i’m not American, so maybe i’m not the best to comment.

  • markflorian138

    Ron Paul is a hero, nothing less. It’s beautiful to see that someone in Wahington cares and stil holds to heart the values on which the us. constitution was written.

  • statik696

    you give me hope Ron, Thx.

  • solar9019

    I salute Ron Paul. I am so encouraged that we have someone in our congress who really does care about the American people and the constitution and our real laws, not tyrannical acts that bush and his cronies developed and Obama and his evil fiends chose to keep.
    7 TSA personnel on a power trip, dirty cops who are looking to bully innocent people around when the police state is enacted, and obama officals “disliked” this video

  • JohnnyThund3r

    Why dose Ron Paul not record his face when he talks? Has the government already assassinated him and replaced him with a robot?

    Man, sneaky Illuminati, I tell ya.

  • ObowMao666

    The U.S. Treasury website today reported that as of last Friday, the last day of 2010, the National Debt stood at $14,025,215,218,708.52.

    It took just 7 months for Democrats to increase the National Debt from $13 trillion on June 1, 2010 to $14 trillion on Dec. 31. It also means the debt is fast approaching the statutory ceiling $14.294 trillion set by Congress and signed into law by President Obama last February. Oh the hypocrisy!


  • jana6465

    If some of you think all of this is a sham, Do your homework……………….Go to Department of Homeland Security web site. Look around you will get a eye full. Also go to your local goverment sites. Or county sites. It is all there. Don’t think for a minute that what you are calling conspiracy isn’t to some degree happening. My mom used to say. listen to both sides then go to the middle that is where the truth will be found.

  • EmeterioBetances

    Economic Collapse is coming sooner than we thought! Wow!

  • jojo1ukuk

    u people are dumb and weak. ron paul is a pawn. like with all ur presidents and politicians. ur false flag usa is run by zionists. people in the west need a new reolution.

    • Jake

      6 people not listening! Caught up in the circus

      Mike breaks down a 60 minute interview will Ben Bernanke word for word exposing the lies and deception of banking.
      Mike also breaks down Ron Paul’s reply to that 60 minute interview with Ben Bernanke word for word also.
      And finally mike exposes Dennis Kucinich’s Plagiarisation of MPE and the world mandate in Dennis’s latest reform bill.

      Mike Montagne 1/18 (MPE) 60 minutes Lie of Economy 01.01.11

      1/18 to 18/18

  • wesblood007

    I’m Canadian and I have supported you in many ways and will continue to do so all my families and friends have great respect for you and will continue praying for you We always keep a close eye to what’s going on in America and we believe that Fate has you where you are today and one person can make a difference and we believe you’re the one to begin setting America free…