Ron Paul and Rand Paul on Military Spending, Politics and 2012

Ron Paul and Rand Paul discuss military spending, the Afghanistan quagmire, politics, and 2012.

Date: 01/03/2011

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  • avionicswirenut

    Time will tell if they will listen to the public……

  • Weapon01

    Ron Paul would wipe the floor with Palin and her mopy hair if she ran.

  • porkypine1888
  • jokerbookshop


  • sleedolfine15

    Ron Paul is better on the issues than his son–Rand is more cautious,but both men are better than 99% of the political figures in the country. I hope that the 2 of them have great influence in the new congress.

  • eclipseyy

    Rand seems to be conforming to typical neo-con ideology. Leave 10,000 troops in Iraq? It’s a shame Ron is 75, I hope he still decides to run.

  • Apptendo

    Rand Paul and Ron Paul like to have Gay incest sex with each other in a Fursuit having Buttsex while listening to Justin Bieber.

  • mytekool

    What a ticket this would be ! This would be real change .Go Ron and Rand !!

  • PassTheLoot

    I like Ron Paul but the judge has got the juice.


  • savagegalt

    RON “IT’S ON” PAUL 2012

    RAND PAUL 2010 ? CHECK




  • st4ticblu3

    I am amazed at all the dim witted people that still believe in the (R) vs. (D) paradigm.

  • puppetjaw

    Rand has sold out to the Neo-Cons – that’s the only way he won his Senate seat. He has to toe the line or he’s done and Ron knows it

  • puppetjaw

    Rand has sold out to the Neo-Cons – that’s the only way he won his Senate seat. He has to toe the line or he’s done

  • tbmagis

    Rand Paul 7/10
    Ron Paul 9/10
    Jefferson 10/10

  • nothwind

    cooper is a complete tool.

  • signboyy

    if corporate media gives politicians significant airtime to speak it means those politicians are corporate puppets.

  • arka67

    MEN of principles !!

  • WillSee11

    I like Ron Paul and Rand, but I can’t trust them to really have an effect, and you shouldn’t either. Ron Paul has FAILED to really identify 911 as an Inside Job. He left us defenseless against the Banksters when he left the Presidential race in 08. He could not demand that HR 1207 be passed when he had over 300 co-sponsors. Ron Paul is not just NOT a strong leader or capable of the task. I love his ideas, but he will let you down- AGAIN.

  • ponczeq420

    2 PAULS make a RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

  • elfil76

    I like Ron, but his son, I don’t know.