Ron Paul and Rand Paul on Military Spending, Politics and 2012

Ron Paul and Rand Paul discuss military spending, the Afghanistan quagmire, politics, and 2012.

Date: 01/03/2011


  • Stepper11

    The US was intended to be a Republic, not an Empire. It’s that simple.

  • Irockman1

    While I don’t like Rand as much as I like Ron, Rand seems to be much better than most republicans.. at least from what I can tell. We’ll see how he votes.

  • Endafed

    I hope Rand learns a lot from living with his father again.

  • docakh

    I like Ron Paul, don’t like Rand Paul

  • TheJovanist

    Go Ron Paul!! Screw Rand.

  • klasurfied

    the yanks need ron paul to run and win if another puppert gets in they are in deep shit

  • anarchylogic

    Please run for president Ron Paul.

  • eragon2121

    9:27 lol what?

  • mcwilliams162

    looks like rand needs a whooping from ron about troop withdrawl

  • aznthg27


  • jeremy8080

    3 people hate the Constitution!

  • wudukes

    Rand Pauls BODY LANGUAGE is KILLING ME.. cover up your penis some more paul… jesus. You’re a senator has anyone worked with you??

  • republicunderground
  • SteveXnycperformance

    No one can tell you the truth,cause they are all parts in the machine. Parts only complete the function (SOS). OPEN YOUR OWN EYES. you support your master you support your own leaching to debt,poverty,suffering and pain.

  • sksman71

    Did you see “Rand Paul” roll his eyes when Congressman “Ron Paul” was asked if he would run for president in 2012.The man is 75 years old.I love the man he is a great patriot but i really don’t think he has the energy to run in 2012.

  • 66132145

    Ron inthe name of freedom PLEASE run for PRESIDENT.

  • puttefnask

    Getting a strong Kennedy wibe from those two 🙂 Ron Paul please run in 2012. The grassroots are now trees of support!

  • IamTheAntiMartyr

    Refreshing to see Cooper practice professional journalism. He should do it more often. Hes really good when hes being genuine.

  • XpresloX

    Neo-conservative created a lot problem to U.S. Ron Paul is the only solution.

  • TheEpoxyExpert

    great examples of great patriots