Ron Paul and Rand Paul on Military Spending, Politics and 2012

Ron Paul and Rand Paul discuss military spending, the Afghanistan quagmire, politics, and 2012.

Date: 01/03/2011


  • sefrzan

    Only 3 million soldiers? I’m sure the U.S has way more than that!

  • LCFlowercandy

    Poo on that about Ron Paul’s age. Ron Reagan was 77 yrs. old by the time he left office! Run Ron Run!!!

  • AltmediaZealot

    These are the type of men that will create a new chapter in American History. Liberty is rarely spoken of, much less pursued in Washington these days.

  • boldhero44

    Knowledge = POWER, Power = KNOWLEDGE… Curious? Please Visit:

  • kidrock119

    if Ron Paul was 65, instead of 75, he’d have a legit shot in 2012. I think what you will see is establishment Republicans start stealing Paul’s message. There will be a lot of election talk about the Fed, bringing troops home, cutting defense… a lot of ideas that weren’t part of the mainstream conservative platform 2 years ago.

  • truthcrackers

    Wow 301 views and 45 thumbs up on Rand not measuring up to Ron. Well I guess I agree he’s not Ron Paul. Maybe the sugar coating will come off with age or maybe he’s his own man? But for me, you can’t touch Ron Paul’s integrated, consistant approach.

  • cankorgbr

    Paul/Paul 2012

  • goldcurrent1

    Put those troops on our own border.

  • truthcrackers

    Ron Paul is my Hero. I feel both sorry for Rand Paul and happy – he’s in a shadow but taken the first steps of comming out – but for me no one has the integrety of Ron Paul. He’s a Rock.

  • mouse42388

    Please run Dr. Paul you offer real change that will help America get out of this doomed policy.

  • anyusmoon1

    R Paul / R Paul 2012!

  • riethc

    Wow, what spin! From dump the Fed to balance the budget! Laughable.

  • strack9421

    Ron needs to RUN!

  • Klaffveinz

    Al Qaeda does not exist. There should’nt be any comprimises as to the troops overseas. Al Qaeda is one of the many manufactured threats to enforce a police state.They all need to go back as they are fighting a manufactured enemy.

  • Probesoul

    Seems that Rand, unlike his dad, would like a small contingent of US military in every place they are now overseas to sustain the empire… only so they can remain as target practice for El CIAda… Hopefully his dad can change his mind on this…. of course they both believe that boogieman Bin Laden is out there some where hiding under a rock…. hopefully the awakening public can change their minds on that

  • i8uNWO

    Hmmm… Smaller government, more liberty for the people, exposing the Fed, ending the wars and reducing the debt??? are these things that you could run a Presidential campaign on???

    I Wounder…. 🙂

  • ale74esp

    Ron is speaking about truth and justice passionately.
    I believe in him, and I know he will be the next president of the USA.

  • CliveSinclairZX

    The hard choices should have been made years ago…..

  • 411American

    CNN Government interrogation channel – more report less government propaganda.
    Congress has lost control – and the Federal Reserve selected president /pimp/manager rules not we the sheepple that are now Ameri-Cant’s.

  • CliveSinclairZX

    Get all the troops out… unpopular decision I guess? Good luck USA…. you are doomed.