Ron Paul and Rand Paul on Military Spending, Politics and 2012

Ron Paul and Rand Paul discuss military spending, the Afghanistan quagmire, politics, and 2012.

Date: 01/03/2011


  • VidTruth

    Great interview!

  • boldhero44

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  • boldhero44

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  • numba1stunna4269

    Run doctor! RUN!

  • lanceran1

    I love how Ron Paul isn’t in the back pocket of the Corporatocracy!!

  • savagegalt


    A. Napolitano For Veep

    A Libertarian Pro-Constitutional SMACKDOWN




  • TerrorWarrior5000

    Ron Paul and Rand Paul ram dildos up each others liberal assholes cause they are homophobic queers.

  • salsancheznumber1fan

    ron paul has got to beat obama!!!!

  • Justicar333

    Ron, your the best hope our country has. I’d love to see you in the white house. It would’t be easy, all the repair work that needs to be done. But it would give us a chance to carry on for a lot longer, than the country seems able to last now. And give our kids a country where they can be free and have opportunity again. Rather than live painted into a corner by overzealous laws, inside a crumbling house of economic mismanagement and debt.

  • UNTC321

    like father like son, fake bullshit.

  • civusamericanus

    Ron Paul is 75, my Great Uncle is 94, and both are sharper than nearly any person I know! Not supporting Ron Paul because he’s 75 or 94, is discrimination or ageism, Dr. Ron Paul has my Vote in 2012 if he runs! In life you learn time permits wisom, and he has used that time well.

    I’d like to see Rand take his fathers position on never voting for a bill that is “Unconstitutional”. If he simply follows this rule, Rand could have a chance at the presidency in 2016, and carry his fathers spirit!

  • genefire

    Rand is NO RON PAUL people…wake up. He got elected because of his pro Israel views and he doesn’t mind the wars. It’s amazing to read comments that sound so sheepish as if these two men are a like Policy wise when they aren’t. Rand is part of the and see. He will side with the Neo Cons everytime. Meanwhile, His father will be giving 5 minute speeches on our police state and endless war oversea. He gives solutions and pulls no punches. His son is Ron Paul Extra extra light

  • colomboBE

    The change that Ron Paul gets elected by braindead Americans is very small.
    Beside the meanstream media supports only criminals as politicians
    that are bought and payed for by the banks and multinationals.

    And if by wonder he gets elected, then he will be killed like JFK !!

  • Kenneth1944

    If Ron Paul and Sarah Palin don’t pull together and run as a team, and bring all their followers together,
    as much as I hate to say it, they will both lose.

  • fiatalfa1

    Hope Rand Paul can get on schiff radio.

  • uzimodem

    love this guy…he is gonna foul up the dem turd plumbing up there in DC! GO MAN GO!!!

  • dobberdoss

    Two fantastic politicians who still have a grip on reality without the ego getting in the way!

  • LadyBuggin777

    WOW what a wonderful interview i enjoyed that very much was so nice to see ron paul being asked all the right questions and not ambushed for his answers!!!
    rand is pretty good but not as spectacular as ron but its early yet in his life maybe with time he will evolve into a much better states man … time will tell?

  • flip3213

    one on their best interviews ive seen yet!! =)

  • RonPaul2012 FTW

    Rand may be playing it safe by saying he wants to leave contingents of troops here and there — i suspect(or hope) he has more constitutional respect than to actually believe and vote with an attitude that we better go get ’em before they get us — the insecurity of DoD is hilarious.

    Someone up there said Ron is too weak to lead — but better to have him than not my friend. I only know about all this libertarian/free market/constitutional conservative crap from listening to Ron in the ’08 debates. I think he started this whole thing — and if he runs again – maybe it’ll get even BIGGER.

    If Ron runs again it won’t be so easy for the other candidates to just laugh at him (rewatch some of the ’08 debates) when he comments on fiscal and foreign policy and economics — no one can hang with him on any substantive issue

    **I’ve read End the Fed and Revolution** If he runs again i’m re-reading them with a notebook — some of that FED stuff is complex. Ciao.