Ron Paul and Rand Paul in Congress

First time father and son in House and Senate talk to Fox News’s Neil Cavuto and CNN’s John King about the experience.

Date: 01/05/2011

  • narutofan1108

    I wouldn’t call that building beautiful…

  • mrdoonbeg

    As per usual, the Pauls keepin it REAL

  • Fitzcard

    Like their policies or not you at least got to give Ron credit for standing up for what he believes in and not selling out, unlike 99% of the rest of washington.

    Rand doesnt deserve any credit yet though, when he earns it ill say the same of him.

  • StealthSteez

    why is it saying alert, alert, alert on the right side? lol I’m very alert that I’m watching the Pauls thanks.

  • SteveXnycperformance

    Yes, John is a KING. would be nice to know the future don`t seem to work since “legal Tender” started calculation.You will have a “TENDER(loving)KING” by “LEGAL(Guillotine)” law.why are you buying gold, you are no KING with fiat money. You gold will be devalue for donation to your future KING. all HAIL CAESAR!

  • SteveXnycperformance

    Obama will use executive order to remain in POWER.Remember “CRISIS + SOLUTION = CONDITION “CHANGE” you will believe Obama is KING by order of the World judges.Raising the debt ceiling is selling more of the USA to the ORDER. Maybe it will be a peaceful take-over has long u obey the ORDERS OF NEW LIFE.
    Health CARE bill repeal=No more republican,and rats(demo) will suffer for Drugs.
    You will soon need a house bill(embed RFID) for citizen to commute.they will become rouge and hateful.Watch them


  • quizerry

    Cavuto for President 2012

  • davincij15

    Anything short of a revolution and a return to smaller government focused on defence and justice only is what I want to see. Right now there is 38,000 federal government silos of bureaucrats, I think that’s maybe too many.

  • calimar28

    Isnt Neil going to ask Ron and Rand about warm and fuzzy commercials?

  • pfcwar5150

    go to my channel,a must watch!! end the fed!! “the american dream”,…its easier than searching for it,share with friends,IT MUST GO VIRAL!!!!!!!!!!!!its easy to understand and can help wake people up!!!

  • Intervene

    Fantastic Ron and Rand PAUL!!

  • sefrzan

    right on to the Canadian flag in the background 🙂

  • Mils170

    lmao at 7:52 to 8:02..ron paul “they wanna repeal obama care i wanna repeal the whole goverment” hahahah so funny yet so true


    This guy from Fox News is a real goob

  • InfamousBonics

    1:50, more proof that Ron Paul knows EVERYTHING about history.

  • jonniebakstix

    i’m ready for some Dr. Paul cure he Dr.’s in the house and he’s got the cure

  • bjarnet3

    The greatest Family in US!

  • Tanarus20

    I remember 2-3 years ago everyone thought he was a loon. Now everyone’s interested to know his views on things, wanna know why?
    (Because they know he’s right.)
    more people are waking up to restore the republic.

  • gr8dalmuti

    Wow, this is the first Ron Paul interview I can recall in recent months where Ron Paul wasn’t pressured on whether he’s going to run for POTUS for 2012. If you recall, back in the 2008 presidential campaign, almost every interviewer of Ron Paul asked him if he was going to run as an independent. Looks like John King missed a communique on the latest mantra question.

  • herzogsbuick

    good interview. Us Liberty folk need to head an entrepreneurial revoltion, and support folks like the Drs. Paul. We all have different ideals but the state of the union is ultimately dire. Food for thought anyway, maybe it can be done…