Ron Paul: I’ll Vote Against Raising the Debt Limit

Ron Paul discusses how raising the national debt limit is inevitable due to accumulating interest and irrational government spending.

Date: 01/08/2011


  • nakor667


  • ICantDecryptTheCode

    I have a better chance of banging megan fox then paul has of becoming president. I love how you ron paul trolls say that the nwo is preventing him from becoming president. LOL. You know what, good job NWO then. End the Fed? We need a gold stanard? Get rid of the DEA? LMFAO. Stay classy paultards. The only conspiracy is how big my cock is. 12 inches.

    • tj

      Putting aside your homosexual perversions, a Rasmussen poll in April 2010 placed Ron Paul and your PResident in a virtual tie…43 to 42 percent i favor of Obama…if the election was held at that time…since then, Paul has gained in both recog nition and popularity, whereas your guy continues to stumble and bumble…Now Ron Paul will have even more exposure as he will go face to face with Bernanke…and destroy him in front of the cameras….

  • sunRsaturn

    And speaking of world policemen. Didn’t they waste billions on that F35 and need more. It’s so expensive and crappy, now even the US itself is buying F18’s. What was the sense?

    • Libertarian777

      it’s the same old same old.

      ‘competitive’ bids for weapons systems. Under bid to get the contract. Then 10 years into the program after a couple hundred billion spent, the contractor says “oh, we can’t finish it on time or on budget, more money please”.

      Then Congress says “we can’t abandon our soldiers we HAVE to give them this program”.

      Rinse repeat = $700 billion annual pentagon budget

  • achzdck

    KICK THE CAN DOWN THE ROAD. This gov. will never give up expansion until a major crisis happens.Then the checks will fail and unemployment will be %40 and they will play the blame game and finger pointing….same old shit year after year after year after year …RON PAUL IS THE ONLY HOPE WE HAVE IN 2012 !! ITS HIS TIME or EXPECT the same old shit year after year after year after year it WILL CONTINUE year after year after year after

  • aragornsargonath

    They are going to raise the debt limit and say we’re going to stop after this? That’s full of crap.

  • anarchylogic

    If only the politicos could be held personally liable for the debts they create. make them pay it.

  • KacelaJ

    The negative comments here are all from big-goverment shills – don’t fall for their misdirections.

    Congressman Dr. Ron Paul knows what the problem is – and he knows the cure.

  • MrAdamseye

    1 moron watched this video! 🙂

  • 66132145

    I love all these negative remarks about Ron. It really shows how freakin stupid you are. Its funny that in 30yrs of bullshit politicians can bring this country to kissing chinese ass and totally bankrupt what was once the strongest nation in the world! We can not take 2 more years of your so called messiah! His best interest lies in bringing the average American down to the point that we are willing to give up. But not all will give up! Alot of people will fight if forced!!

  • Tzimnewman3

    If I put £1 in a jar for every time Ron Paul is consistant with what he says I may be able to bail out the world.

  • MsTommyknocker

    Trust me- Paul serves the banks. If we had stopped the tax-cuts for the 2% richest in the US, 85% of us would not be paying an annual check of 7000$ to them

  • MsTommyknocker

    Fancy naming your son after Ayn Rand!

  • 1xDannyHey1x

    If Ron Paul wins in office then he does the opposite we know he is serving the banks but if he dont then he serves the people but we all know they dont want him as president because he is for liberty he would just stay where he is and probably get killed and the media will say he had a heart attack thats the reality of it. who knows what gonna happen. It can b disinfo like ron paul is a mason dont trust him and let the government just destroy itself it will destroy us too how can we not care

  • 1xDannyHey1x

    small government is the answer. not depending on big brother to take care of us

  • 1xDannyHey1x

    see obama quoted that to win the election and now hes working for the foreign banks goes to show its rigged. He broke all his promises and his approval rating is down, now from this point on how can u still believe in the left right paradigm republicans and democrats dont abide by the constitution but ron paul does if he were to win he would b considered a terrorist bcuz of his radical views according to DHS fema the way they brainwash the police in training, RP= Patriot not terrorist.

  • carcabe

    I’ve heard it said that if the debt ceiling is not raised the country will default. It is not the country that will default but the federal government that may well default. The government is NOT the country. If the government has to drastically scale back, the country may actually survive.
    The government is NOT the country. Two different entities. You’d think intelligent people would know that. But to those who worship the state it all begins and ends with the gov. Their alpha and omega.

    • Libertarian777

      aah, but here’s the crux… US treasuries are backed by the ‘full faith and credit’ (i.e taxing authority) of the US government.

      Yes technically its not the country (people) that default. However the government can and will tax you into oblivion (either directly via income taxes or indirectly through monetary inflation).

      The irony is Geithner has said if they don’t raise the debt ceiling the government will default. But that already means the US government is INSOLVENT since it cannot pay its debts with its cash inflow. You can stave off a cashflow default for only so long once you’re insolvent.

      Owe $10,000 on your credit card? take out another credit card to make the minimum payments, and you’re good for another 2 years or so. At the end of 2 years, you’ll owe $20,000 and be unable to make the minimum payments. That is the situation the US government is in right now.

  • tacitus7

    I like this Tom Sullivan. Does a good and fair job with the good Doctor.

  • Midnightryder7

    Wish our Goverment would start taking care of it’s own people..instead of sticking there noses in other countries bussiness..You don’t see the leader of Japan coming over here and wanting to start a war just because our Healthcare system sucks!..But Hey if there is something happening in another country that america don’t like..America is up in there face..That’s Bullshit..I live in America and I’m tired of the shit that’s happening in Washington.take care of us.leave other countries alone!

  • pretorious700

    Lol. yeah the fed got the part about their “employmnet” mandate backwards…oh yeah, and that other thing about protecting the value of the currency…oh yeah, and also about evening out the business cycles. Wtf do we have the fed for exactly?

  • 411American

    Under national security the President and staff needs to be quarantined for war crimes and treason on America. If Congress is going to do anything at all do it right.