Ron Paul: Obamacare Will Fail; Don’t Blame China for Our Problems

Ron Paul explains why Obamacare, Medicare, Social Security and other inherently flawed programs will fail. He also said that government intervention in China-related matters is not the answer to America’s problems: “We can’t blame China for us spending too much money.”

Date: 01/19/2011


  • Hypster123

    some1 get this man.. and put him in the white house already.. jeeeez! makes obama look like a dickhead.. LOL

  • RonPaulClassics

    Nothing but the truth.

  • AllOtherNamesTaken2

    The new health care bill does not insist that every single person needs government health care. It gives a government option that competes with other private health care plans.

  • hcwcars1

    ron paul 2012,,,,,,,,,,, spread the word

  • kingcherub

    Was anyone else feeling down about Ron’s absence from tv the past few weeks?

  • PaulRon2008

    To all foreigners who are buying US DEBT via treasuries: I’M not Paying! I’m off to my country home with 0% taxes.

  • k1a1t1h1y1

    the smartest man in washington dc!!!!

  • trekyz

    Sounds like he has allergies. That’s no fun.

    I do agree with him in a way, because if China is gaining more power over us, it is really our actions (like our debt and economic dependency on them) that has led to such a take over.
    Therefore, end the Fed and base our nation’s currency on a more steady foundation, which will be valuable to the rest of the world.

  • johnnyfenger
  • Zalahblue

    Oppose extending the Patriot Act: The Patriot Act has specifically gutted the Fourth Amendment, particularly the requirements for probable cause, oaths, and warrants. And the Patriot Act is a clear violation of the Congressional oath of office, one that demands office holders to uphold the rights and civil liberties guaranteed under the Constitution.

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  • joshfif

    put ron paul in obamas place and things will change

  • Pledius

    lmao… yep HOR passes, Senate doesn’t, even if senate somehow passes president just vetos.

    yep we need different president, like umm… Ron Paul

  • MsBonSaint

    This man should be president.

  • LadyBuggin777

    WONDERFUL!!! Dr. Ron Paul is one intelligent man and a man to be trusted~

  • defexorcist

    “Look to ourselves”?? But we are perfect! It’s China and India that must bend to our whims, no matter how ludicrous or destructive. We are America, and can do know wrong!
    We do not kill people, we offer them freedom from their mortal coils!

  • roseagain2

    Wow! He knocked it out of the park again!


    we are going to die anyway, so why bother getting up in the morning.
    Kick at the darkness, patriots. This is the good fight.

  • Graham6762


  • TheMethadoneParty

    RON PAUL IS AWESOME!!!! 2012 when the galaxy aligns we (ha ha) WILL TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NecessariusVerum

    First! Ron Paul 2012!