Ron Paul: Obamacare Will Fail; Don’t Blame China for Our Problems

Ron Paul explains why Obamacare, Medicare, Social Security and other inherently flawed programs will fail. He also said that government intervention in China-related matters is not the answer to America’s problems: “We can’t blame China for us spending too much money.”

Date: 01/19/2011


  • obSCENEoneTW0

    does anyone else think that ron paul looks SUPER BAKED in this video? ahahaha

  • triforcelink

    Sarah Palin for president!

  • EyeHeartYouREALLY
  • Pillowpantslol

    CNN is so much better than Faux News, they never yell over there guests like Faux does.

    • tj

      So you are one of those select FEW who watch CNN…doesn’t that violence-baiting show CROSSFIRE scare youu though…lol

  • stabbed22

    He looks tired.

  • gearofduty2012


  • gearofduty2012

    he’s gonna get shot….

  • RonPaulWI

    Thumbs up if you would vote for Ron Paul 2012!

  • iso56k123

    I’m amazed and thankful at how often the media has Ron Paul on .

  • rayinge88

    i wish we could opt out of social security.

  • infamousmetalmaiden

    Ron Paul is Hope for America! Ron Paul for President 2012! God Bless you Mr. Paul! America needs you!

  • campaign4liberty

    Run Ron Run
    Run Ron Run
    Run Ron Run
    Dr. Ron Paul Hope for America!
    info at Daily Paul and Liberty Poet

  • msungs

    Ron Paul is a modern day Founding Father. He fights bravely against the Federal Reserve as “Federal” as Federal Express and it’s destruction of the Dollar through inflation. Ron Paul knows that as America collapses we will find people to label as the cause for our problems. I already fled America because I can see the direction that the country is going and that there aren’t enough patriots to take it back. “Owe”bama, Ben Bubbles Bernanke and Timothy “Tax Cheat” Geithner will bring Amer. down

  • studape


  • antoniyo1234

    why is the mainstream media having ron paul so often?

  • RonPaulClassics

    I like Kiran Chetry. Great anchor.

  • davitodude

    HA! So many people I know dislike Ron Paul for one or two things. But when you look at the things this guy says as a whole, it makes sense. He doesn’t want to be the most electable candidate. He doesn’t want a major war or government take over that he can slap his name on for the history books. He simply wants what’s best for the country. WHY DON’T PEOPLE SEE WHAT I SEE?

  • AIexKidd

    Americans can only blame themselves.

    Before you purchase something, check if it is Made in China and THINK. Think of the repercussions. Vote with your dollar and support local businesses. Or, keep sending your money (and jobs) to China. It’s not rocket science.

    • tj

      Buying a foreign product does not hurt the economy….The assumption is that if I save $1,000 purchasing a higher quality vehicle that will last longer, I will then use that $1,000 on purchasing something else…consumers should always have the freedom to purchase anything they wish…tariffs hurt only the countries that impose them….please look up Smoot/Hawley

  • Andybaby

    He’s making sense, but does a country that voted for Bush three times really want an intelligent leader?

  • adamhaye

    Anyone wonder why the UK is tackling the NHS and breaking off pieces of it? You know, the system that Obamacare was modeled on? Because it’s breaking their economy and bankrupting their nation (on top of other reaons but it’s one of the biggest ones). The largest employer in the UK is a socialized government service. David Cameron talked about it recently.