Ron Paul: Obamacare Will Fail; Don’t Blame China for Our Problems

Ron Paul explains why Obamacare, Medicare, Social Security and other inherently flawed programs will fail. He also said that government intervention in China-related matters is not the answer to America’s problems: “We can’t blame China for us spending too much money.”

Date: 01/19/2011


  • MaximusDisplay

    Who is John Galt?

  • Harry1992728


  • jibbi4one

    Even some China Communist party economists want to break USD peg to strengthen China Yuan as international currency even with a Yuan link to GOLD.

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  • 411American

    Thanks to Obama
    U.S. Supreme Court Issues Landmark Decision: Constitution is Void

  • theTRuthbrand2

    Checkout the new book ‘Common Sense 2 – A Summary View’. It is a modern ode to both Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine.

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    The TRuth brand

  • theTRuthbrand2

    A modern ode to Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson.

    If you would like a FREE copy of the brand new book ‘Common Sense 2: A Summary View’, visit:

    TheTRuthBrand (dot) com

    Common Sense 2: A Summary View (2011)

  • theTRuthbrand2

    A modern ode to Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson.

    If you would like a FREE copy of the brand new book ‘Common Sense 2: A Summary View’, visit:

    The TRuth Brand (dot) com

    Common Sense 2: A Summary View (2011)

  • Engineer245

    Another interesting fact is that while the Federal Government is still taxing us at the same rate as 6 years ago they have substantialy cut the money that has been returned to our states for necessities like roads and bridges. So, in fact they have increased our taxes.

  • superphi

    Y doesn’t the US buy less Chinese good if there r trade imbalances, I don’t get it who is forcing the US to buy Chinese goods, the US also has trade imbalances with Japan and German. But I’ve never seen anybody complain about that, y r Americans complain about China only. Is there a law u have to trade with China, just don’t trade with China and trade with countries that u have surpluses with.

  • PowerForGood

    Right on as usual… but the only thing that I disagree with is that China is a good partner. The butcher of Bejing will never be our partner; that kind of evil must never be ignored. That kind of evil is not absent from the current chin regime. We did have our Waco and Ruby Ridge, and Elien Gonzolas snatched at gunpoint, and frequently planted evidence to get convictions, and… oh my gosh he might be right again.

  • rex22neo

    I’m not even American, but I can see this guy is the most competent candidate that I’m shock that didn’t win in ’08. On the other hand, I’m not surprised that he lost. Sadly, it is more about appearance and charisma. Oh, don’t forget the money that’s needed to invoke that charisma through ads!

  • farhadekoohkan

    yea lets pas it by the house and senate. If president will not sign it he can kiss his re-elaection GOOD BYE.

  • skralogy


  • skralogy

    sign the petition instead of debating on youtube!!!


    2012 2012 2012

  • flybar1000

    If you care so much about us then why are you not talking about whats going on in the gulf of Aden , whats happing there will efect us all . and if you dont know what I’m talking about do a little reserch !

  • cl4rock

    End the Fed! End the mandate! End all these wars! VOTE RON PAUL IN 2012!!!

  • cartoonglutton

    It’s been said that history was made in the 2008 presidential election – well, let’s make history again in 2012 by electing RON PAUL as president, and saving the U.S.A. for ourselves and our posterity!!!
    I want our great-great-grandchildren to see President Paul’s likeness on Mt. Rushmore – the man who saved the U.S.A.-by abolishing central banking, restoring sound money to the American people, and following the Constitution.
    I want them to see this, and I couldn’t be more serious.

  • sebucwerd

    lol no shit.

  • ScorpioBornIn69

    He’s one of the very few ‘TRUE’ politician I would vote for! Got to give he all the support to help him win in ’12. We cannot continue to be corrupted and brainwashed by the most corrupt and powerful politicians who run this country in which I have been seeing the past decade or so.