Ron Paul: Obamacare Will Fail; Don’t Blame China for Our Problems

Ron Paul explains why Obamacare, Medicare, Social Security and other inherently flawed programs will fail. He also said that government intervention in China-related matters is not the answer to America’s problems: “We can’t blame China for us spending too much money.”

Date: 01/19/2011


  • thefredsays

    wtf do we sell in china besides crappy paper promises of money in the future and old industrial equipment.

  • 4485lolo

    RON PAUL- I’ll get 1.3. billions people to vote for you..a very SMART American!
    Hats off to you Sir! Brave, honest and one of the good politicians out there

  • irritantable

    the new word for democracy is you not realise that yet.look everywhere there is democracy.slavery.

  • irritantable

    no the wars were started by the rotheschilds actually.and will always be war,unless you kick them federal banks put it simple your fucked.

  • thorfoot1

    He’s such an asshole. The republicans Start all the bloody wars , then want to blame the Democrats . What an assyhole. Bush is his Hero. Thats a laugh.

  • Bearfootbob

    ron paul vs china WEAK !!!

  • philliptjr1

    Everyone talks about how Social Security and Medicare are bankrupt. My question is why? Why is there no accountability for the money that has been taken out of people’s pay checks every week. No one ever has to account for anything in govt. like we do in the real world. There answer to everything is more taxes to fix problems, not how did we get in this situation. I guess you really can’t blame big govt. for doing what it does. Not enough people seem to care.

  • thorfoot1

    Maybe not , But we can Blame the Republicans. Every Bloody Time our Repulican Party gets us into a War, we have to Let the Democrats get us out. Then the Republicans can go back into office and get us into another one. Go Figure

  • iliketacosyburritos

    Ron Paul is a very wise man. Even though I am not fond of the republican party, I would be willing to support Ron. He is the only sane person in politics, I hope the Zionists don’t get to him.

  • jackofeet1000

    opting out of a benefit state and letting those decisions be made on an individual basis will be costly, but compared to the rediculous payments made daily to anyone who can make theselves seem viable is far worse. it could possibly cost the same but the message is different that is what counts

  • Skeptic121

    Ron Paul is today’s Ronald Reagan. It is easy to forget how out of the mainstream Ronald Reagan was in 1980.
    Cutting taxes is inflationary! It will cause a depression!
    The Soviet Union will never fall… Are you crazy?
    Peace through strength…an obvious contradiction in terms!
    In 1980, cutting taxes was RACIST, a code word for “let black children starve”
    Inflation caused by government? No! ALL reputable academic economists say inflation can only be solved by wage and price controls.

  • bossrube53

    sign the petition at ronpaul 2 0 1 2 . n e t / for ron paul to run for president in 2012.


    Any congressman who wants to end the FED is a congressman who is not a controlled puppet. The last president to do was assassinated for this belief, the same with every president who stood up to a central banking system. If Ron Paul does not become president, America deserves to be destroyed and ruled by the anti-christ.

  • MJ4coheed

    wow ron looks tired. get some rest ronny! we need you!

  • MJ4coheed

    wow ron looks tired. get some rest ronny! we need you!

  • sk8pn

    the only thing i dont agree with Ron Paul is letting medican be run by corporations. their so fucking evil 8,000 people die everyday from that preexisting condition crap

  • diablito118


  • 22popuser

    Why did Republicans vote in 2000 for permanent Free Trade with “Communist China,” instead of trading with countries that support freedom? we now know Capitalism thrives in totalitarian countries having low wage, forced labor. Is that what we want for America? Are we being lead into a new ‘ideal’ world of cheap products and no Rights? Shall we abandon our stand for individual freedom and dance with the devil?

  • qwizzer78

    Growth is hitting limited resources………this is whats causing all the worlds problems. For the USA its the lack of cheap oil. When will the politicans tell their people the truth. Maybe Ron Paul will.

  • questionauthoritah

    Just got my W-2, SS tax withheld was $2300 dollars. Theres 40 years before I can collect it. So thats close to $100,000 I would put into SS during my life, and I doubt I will get any of that back.