Ron Paul to Congress: Love Liberty, Respect the Rule of Law, Follow the Constitution!

Ron Paul welcomes the increased attention to the Constitution in Congress and wonders whether this newly professed appreciation is just lip service, or motivated by genuine respect for the rule of law that will lead to the end of all unconstitutional policies and departments:

  • Will there be no more wars without an actual Congressional declaration?
  • Will the Federal Reserve Act be repealed?
  • Will only gold and silver be called legal tender?
  • Will we end all the unconstitutional federal departments, including the
    • Department of Energy
    • Department of Education
    • Department of Agriculture
    • Department of Commerce
    • Department of Health and Human Services
    • Department of Homeland Security
    • Department of Labor
  • Will the PATRIOT Act be repealed and all the warrantless searches stopped?
  • Will TSA be restrained or abolished?
  • Will the IRS’s unconstitutional collection powers end?
  • Will executive and judicial quasi-legislative powers be ended?
  • Will we end the federal War on Drugs?
  • Will we end the federal government’s involvement in medical care?
  • will we end all the federal government’s illusionary insurance programs?
  • Will we ban secret prisons, trials without due process, and assassinations?
  • Will we end our foreign policy of invasion and occupation?

Date: 01/19/2010


  • 301Goldstar

    What get me hope is that more young people are walking up.

  • dontblockmedk

    Everything he said is exactly correct but gov is symptom “Free market” is ROOT of problems, how do we:

    1. stop corruption caused by profit motive?

    2. ensure everyone has minimum necessities?

    1. FREELY Share ALL resources & knowledge worldwide, NO more money/property

    2. Use LATEST technology to create an ABUNDANCE of all our needs, NO more waste/theft

    3. Automate/localize ALL production and distribution, NO more central control/wage slavery


  • bigajosep

    the idiots in congress dont understand that the bill of rights and constitution’s main purpose are to make it easy for the people to overthrow their government. aclu and eff

  • truefictions
  • nakor667

    10th Amendment:

    The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

  • JojozDad209

    I agree, “Only a doctor can heal this country”!

    Ron Paul 2012 has my vote! Even if he doesn’t run.

  • lurconis666

    This is the one guy that stands up for the constitution and proper monetary/foreign policy.

  • backpackreport

    I don’t ever remember saying this to a politician, but I will say it to Ron Paul…..Thank you for your service.

  • twebb63

    Gotta Love Ron Paul….Who else is talking like this to Congress?

    He Basically told them to stop Whoring yourself out…and start following the wishes of the American People and the Constitution.

    He’s getting old and has been doing this for 20yrs…I pray that someone will arise to follow in his footsteps.

  • NoBailout4Banksters

    Wonder who are the 2 Neocons that gave it thumbs down?

    If you want Ron Paul to run let him know by signing this petition that will be presented to Dr. Paul. Goal is to get 100,000 signatures.


    Dr. Ron Paul 2012

    “Only a Doctor Will Heal Our Country”

  • freewayman1

    Actually 3:40-4:05

  • freewayman1

    Someone should re-upload the last 60 seconds, it could be a commercial for Ron Paul’s presidential candidacy

  • Serge1965

    Jesus bless you Ron Paul and protect you day and night! sir

  • Shaunt1

    He has a better chance in 2012 considering how most realize they were duped by Obama last time.

  • jason

    “America”: Land of the people that want to be free, but simply want it given to them on a silver plate.

  • nelsma292

    The founders of our country didn’t always agree on everything, but I’m sure out of all our current representatives they would have respected Ron Paul the most for being one of the few honest and intelligent individuals there.

  • i8uNWO

    If you yanks don’t won’t Ron Paul, can we have him in Australia? We don’t have one politician over here who gives a shit about the people! Never herd such common sense!

    • beowulf

      Ditto. UK

  • MrDeathSmiles

    You’re the best, Ron. Such an amazing person.

  • numbajohnny5

    Ron Paul will never be president of the United States. he is not a puppet and has an informed opinion. The last president we had that wasnʻt a puppet was Kennedy, and you know what they did to him.

    A revolution is needed.This one doesnʻt even need to be violent Their currency is not backed by anything of real value. Letʻs create our own forms of exchange, sweep the rug out from under them and start over. itʻs well past the time for a new and improved society

  • DanielDamascusKimery

    Ron Paul = Legend