Ron Paul to Congress: Love Liberty, Respect the Rule of Law, Follow the Constitution!

Ron Paul welcomes the increased attention to the Constitution in Congress and wonders whether this newly professed appreciation is just lip service, or motivated by genuine respect for the rule of law that will lead to the end of all unconstitutional policies and departments:

  • Will there be no more wars without an actual Congressional declaration?
  • Will the Federal Reserve Act be repealed?
  • Will only gold and silver be called legal tender?
  • Will we end all the unconstitutional federal departments, including the
    • Department of Energy
    • Department of Education
    • Department of Agriculture
    • Department of Commerce
    • Department of Health and Human Services
    • Department of Homeland Security
    • Department of Labor
  • Will the PATRIOT Act be repealed and all the warrantless searches stopped?
  • Will TSA be restrained or abolished?
  • Will the IRS’s unconstitutional collection powers end?
  • Will executive and judicial quasi-legislative powers be ended?
  • Will we end the federal War on Drugs?
  • Will we end the federal government’s involvement in medical care?
  • will we end all the federal government’s illusionary insurance programs?
  • Will we ban secret prisons, trials without due process, and assassinations?
  • Will we end our foreign policy of invasion and occupation?

Date: 01/19/2010


  • Scenwulf

    “Now and then an innocent man is sent to the legislature.”
    – Kin Hubbard

    God bless you, Ron Paul.

  • thefakeyeti

    conservatives are amusing, when it comes to health care reform, they yell “constituiton”, for good reason..

    however when it comes to legalizing PLANTS they use regulation of commerce as a BS excuse, which paves the way for the progressives…

  • 411American

    Thanks to Obama

    U.S. Supreme Court Issues Landmark Decision: Constitution is Void

    Stop this new and now terrorist

  • rtosborne3

    At least one person in our government understands the constitution and the role of government, i.e., to secure our liberties. Thank you, Ron Paul.

  • linkin622

    Ron Paul is the only man in that den of vipers called congress

  • linkin622

    Ron Paul is the only man in that den of vipers call congress

  • KingerUTube

    I’m sure for people in Congress it’s tough to go through this day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year but I find it hard to believe that nobody reacts to that speech. – Come on! That was simple, direct and very honest.
    I’m just saying that I’d find it hard not to applaud that if I was there. (acceptable or not).

    Wake up!

  • freedom013102

    As long as the zionists control America, none of us will ever be free.

  • 23rdsngwrtr

    yes.yeS.YEs.YES. WoW YES!!! Thank YOU Mr. Ron Paul !!

  • Ian

    Ron Paul is a great man, if we don’t try to get him elected in 2012, well then you better oil up, because the government is going to rape us even more than they already have. Please Ron, please run for president in 2012!!

  • machaeroguy

    I love how he mentions the vehicles of federal government expansion; stretching the general welfare, interstate commerce, and necessary and proper clauses, also the due process clause while ignoring States’ rights per the 10th amendment. Too bad 95% of Americans don’t know wtf these are. I debated my friend’s 67 yo neocon Dad about the Patriot Act, turns out he didn’t even know about the 4th amendment. I guess there’s no fool like an old fool who thinks he has automatically acquired wisdom.

  • campbell4show

    It is most certain that if Ron Paul becomes president, he will most likely be assassinated just like jfk, presidents are nothing but a puppet for the Elites.

  • campaign4liberty

    Run Ron Run
    Run Ron Run
    Run Ron Run
    Dr. Ron Paul Hope for America!
    for info visit Daily Paul and Liberty Poet

  • jmartecep

    I wouldn’t be so quick to thank the tea party movement. Which tea party group are you talking about. The squeaky wheel gets the grease and the tea partiers I see are the ones speaking crazy segregation type talk. The tea party spawned right at the end of Bush jr’s term, what sense does that make. Are we to say that the tea patriers waited 8 years before getting fed up?

  • hallabalooza

    Who brought in Sarah Palin? Ron Paul should be the leader of the Tea Party movement.

  • sciencemunk

    that was amazing

  • RickWolff

    Dr. Paul mentioned “the unconstitutional Internal Revenue Service.” But it is constitutional, since the 16th Amendment. Which proves that LIBERTY is a standard that trumps even the Constitution.

  • nihilmusic

    Amen!!!!! Paul 2012!! Make it happen

  • hunter1st1st

    President Paul… Ron Paul

  • jimdog1963

    The Man who should be President. ‘Nuff Said.