Ron Paul 2012? Sign the Petition – Spread the Message!

In his latest appearance on the Alex Jones Show Ron Paul didn’t sound very enthusiastic about running for President! A few days earlier Ron Paul had said that there’s only a 50% chance he will run! Please help us change his mind by signing the Ron Paul 2012 petition at – our goal is to collect 100,000 signatures for Ron Paul 2012! Spread the message!

  • Stunned1970

    I think Mr. Paul is wise to keep his cards close to his chest until the last minute. If he declares now the mainstream media will shut him out like they did last time. And the other candidates will move to try an neutralise his platform. They are already preparing to co-opt the tea party movement by way of Sarah Palin. It is best that he keeps his profile up and keeps driving the anti-war , individual liberty message, this forces the other candidates to take this onboard.

  • TheLostRepublic

    Paul/Jones 2012!!!!


  • MsBonSaint

    Ron Paul’s position as head of the committee with oversight of the Federal Reserve (aka Central Banking interests) is more powerful than the puppet–sorry–President of the United States.

  • 1dabirdman

    i will also vote for ron paul whether or not his names on the ballo! RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT/2O12!!!!

  • blueridger28

    I like Ron Pual one of my favorite politicians but hes getn old.

  • voiceofreason2u

    Thank you Congressman Paul for the great work you’re doing and have done!!!

  • RamJetGMC

    Ron cant win the president spot and they will stop him
    but as senator he can get the word out better and then make the move up to pres my 2cents

  • jess1up

    Ron Paul is the man for the job. We must look among our great nation for his support we need more. Spread the word.

  • MrDeppness

    Ron Paul’s integrity is trumped only by his timidity.He has values but not courage. He can handle the little fights of Congress but not the rigors of President. He is more concerned it seems with his family and not being a threat to the system than he is about Revolution and being a leader for this great nation. I wouldn’t want someone to run who is so hesitant about it. That lack of confidence will rub off on the public and they won’t vote for him because he doesn’t even believe in himself.

  • wdcsucks1


  • aragornsargonath

    I agree with AJ….Ron Paul has a better chance than he did in 2008 because I think there has been a growing disgruntalness over the State of Affairs and actually having a good president for once.

  • 1dabirdman

    please! we need ron paul to be PRESIDENT!

  • MrDeppness

    5:33 Did Ron Paul hang up? Too much pressure from Alex Jones to run? I really don’t think Ron Paul is up to it. His heart is not in campaigning for president.

    What happens if he wins CPAC 2011? Odds are he will win. Will he run then? Something powerful is delaying his decision. What is he afraid of? I don’t like this very much. Congress is so corrupt right now that literally RP is all we have left. Hopefully if RP doesn’t run, he’ll get out of the way for someone stronger and more courageous.

  • TakisAthensGr

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    like if you agree !

  • i4mat

    I rarely comment on youtube without an intent to debate, but this really provoked me to speak.
    Ron Paul, we know you lack insane financial support required to inform the majority of voters, but we, the informed people, have a present for you! 😉
    Come elections you will be all over everything, youtube, social media, famous artists and even graffiti on every legal wall out there, perhaps even illigal, I can’t speak for everyone, who knows where they might decide to express their opinion. 😉

  • yesmon4real

    Elect Ron Paul for President in 2012

  • wilsonseto1

    Can’t even vote by then but I’ll be glad to spread the news (:

  • campaign4liberty

    Run Ron Run
    Run Ron Run
    info at Daily Paul and Liberty Poet

  • herculese220

    That man…The Great Ron Paul, has a destiny.
    In the Words of Springsteen, he was “Born to Run”.

  • kaihoosi1

    Ron Paul for President!!!!