Ron Paul 2012? Sign the Petition – Spread the Message!

In his latest appearance on the Alex Jones Show Ron Paul didn’t sound very enthusiastic about running for President! A few days earlier Ron Paul had said that there’s only a 50% chance he will run! Please help us change his mind by signing the Ron Paul 2012 petition at – our goal is to collect 100,000 signatures for Ron Paul 2012! Spread the message!

  • RamsesReturns

    Remember if you are not an establishment crony… then focus on the internet, a good name and a use the social networks period. Goodluck RP!

  • fromthelandofozz

    i dont understand what you guys expect of ron paul if he became president, end the fed, turn of the printing presses , not raise the dept ceiling, and declare america bankrupt? he sure will be popular then, u guys r screwed no matter what or who is in office


  • BBond1488

    Eff Whatever XD is RP 2012!!!

  • MishuTaste

    Dear Ron Paul: I supported you in 2008 and I’m ready to help you again. America needs you! Please consider running for president.

  • AlcatrazT2

    Alex, kudos to you for doing this. Ron, please run for President.

  • grevin789

    he will run and he will win, but the real threat will still be there.

  • cromforever77

    Hey alex are you afraid of jews?

  • Destroyer220

    Ron Paul, you’re my only hope!” -Princess Leah

  • rast123456789

    Ron Pauls 2008 campaign made me realize that I wasnt alone

  • cmgolden20

    At this point, I think we need to accept he is not running. We need to focus on supporting other-level candidates and move this FORWARD. We’re spending much energy on an unlikely and unnecessary presidential campaign.

  • 74brooklynboi

    If Ron doesn’t make it, I’m telling you, there’s going to be riots.

  • Mooseboy240

    I dunno if it would change as much as we think the fact that the majority rules is the problem cause the government can control what the majority thinks. the problem is this indirect democracy its just communism sugar coated

  • curtis175


  • fargley001

    Spartacus! You must lead!

  • uturniaphobic

    in Fox News Land Mit Romney is the man the people want. Come here to “You Tube” (a phrase I never hear on TV anymore) and no one likes Romney and Everyone loves Paul. and I do believe Youtube alone is killing cable TV.
    Ron is on the committee that oversees the Fed. that’s BETTER than president.

  • john5246

    It doesn’t matter if he wins, just running and getting the ideas out there would be enough.

  • mark pace

    Ron Paul for President !!!!!!!!!!!

  • undeadarsenal

    I want Ron to run soooo bad but honestly the culture in this country still isn’t to the point where someone like Ron Paul or Chris Christie can win a presidential nomination…

  • NCIcaucus

    I like the idea of him running for SENATE since he is more likely to win that seat and still would weild more power than in the house plus I really do not think he can win the presidency…although the educational audience would be bigger as president.

  • melora72

    I wouldn’t trust anyone who would appear on Alex Jones.