Ron Paul 2012? Sign the Petition – Spread the Message!

In his latest appearance on the Alex Jones Show Ron Paul didn’t sound very enthusiastic about running for President! A few days earlier Ron Paul had said that there’s only a 50% chance he will run! Please help us change his mind by signing the Ron Paul 2012 petition at – our goal is to collect 100,000 signatures for Ron Paul 2012! Spread the message!

  • Pepsifx357

    Here’s the plan. Ron runs and wins. Then he uses His newly found dictator powers to overrule congress and legislate the welfare programs, FEMA, DHS, NSA, CIA, NASA, FED and all of the other 3 or 4 letter retards out the door. Then, he removes the Executive powers clause out and returns the republic to the way it was.

    • ConstitutionRULZ

      That’s what I was thinking he would do and that is exactly why we need him to run!

  • Pepsifx357

    I hope he runs. We need him!!!

  • hazballs09

    Let’s make Ron Paul our President.


  • MadBadVoodo

    Ronald Ernest “Ron” Paul (born August 20, 1935)

  • whoobie2008

    Alex, I have to say that I admire you for the words you spoke to Ron Paul…without reading from a script , from the heart…giving him credit for the Tea Party movement… I thought what you just said was beautiful…Thank You Alex for sharing this.

  • jimmyassx

    Ron Paul has done enough. Let him chill in peace. It is up to us. Remember, It is not the man, it is the message. Be free!

  • bstaff88

    I already have my Ron Paul 2012 sign in my front yard! I also already have money put aside for the first money bomb!

  • sodajr

    You will win Ron! You have my vote! Paul/Ventura 2012!

  • baird007

    Well, it depends on who the person is. I would like to see someone debate Jones and put him in his place. But the truth is you can’t debate the man without him yelling and cursing and telling everyone that all Americans are going to be sent to FEMA camps for enslavement. The problem with Alex Jones is he’s not debatable because all his conspiracy theories are deemed irrefutable to him. He’s just a sensationalist trying to present himself as a pragmatist.

  • baird007

    I agree. I don’t understand why Ron Paul associates himself with this sanctimonious imbecile. The same goes with Jesse Ventura and Peter Schiff and I like them both. With Alex Jones, in his manner of presenting, all his conspiracy theories are equivalent to the truth and he’s non-debatable. I like the fact that Ron Paul is willing to speak to anyone on any talk forum, but he needs to make his views distinct,direct, and crystal clear or else they will think he’s just another conspiracy nut.

  • JebBlack2010

    He’ll run…..and he’ll add some logic to the debate again.

  • DoNotuseEbid

    Ron Paul for 2012, Ron you must have one more go. You would make a the best president ever! VIva la Ron Paul!

  • Ralph & Deb Miller

    Your a good man. I voted for you the last two times. Right in and will again

  • sacrux


  • wongster41

    I’m ready to support you Ron.

  • neverbows

    Ron Paul gave me back a little of my faith in humanity and hope for the future!

  • bladelt1234

    If I was American I would vote for him.The only man you can respect, because he’s for the people. The last JFK.

  • sng1977


  • Philippe Benoit

    RAND PAUL 2010? Check

    RON PAUL For It All 2012? Coming Soon



  • bestkeylar

    If RP rids us of the Federal Reserve with its CRIMINAL COHORTS and makes Congress accountable for every Tax Dime spent, he would have accomplished more than any President has done in modern history. He can do this by galvanizing Public support (Anger) in what ever roll he chooses to fill.