Ron Paul on the Need to Cut Spending

Ron Paul explains why he favors cutting government spending rather than raising more revenue.

Date: 01/25/2011


Neil Cavuto: He’s saying, “With their votes, the American people determined their governing will now be a shared responsibility between parties. New laws will only pass with support from Democrats and Republicans.” Again, echoing this bipartisan theme, he says, “At stake right now is not who wins the next election, after all we just had an election. At stake is whether the new jobs and industries take root in this country or somewhere else”. He goes on to say, “Two years after the worst recession most of us have ever known, the stock market has been roaring back, corporate profits are up, the economy is growing again.” Keeping with that theme … I put my glasses on and realize, oh, you’re here with me. Good to see you.

The trend is the economy’s friend, the market’s friend, maybe even this president’s friend. Joining us right now is Texas Congressman Ron Paul, on whether he agrees with that sentiment. What do you think, Congressman?

Ron Paul: Well, let’s hope we’re on the right track, and the tone has changed a bit and people are talking about spending. But they don’t say much about non-discretionary spending, they don’t talk about our massive military operations overseas. So I don’t think policies will change significantly and I think people are realizing how serious it is and they should do something. But you know, you mentioned the economy is picking up. Maybe a little bit. People will say, you know, the supply side theory is, “Oh, we don’t have to raise taxes.” Supply side theory says, “Oh, this will generate more revenues and it will solve all our problems”. Remember at one time they said we don’t have to worry about deficits, all we had to do is cut the rates and we’ll generate more revenues. I don’t like generating more revenues, I want to have a net cut in the size and scope of government. I want to cut spending, and I don’t see that coming in the near term.

Neil Cavuto: Well, obviously your son kind of feels the same way, and maybe it’s in his DNA. But we’re getting word tonight as you probably know as well, that your son, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, is looking at $500 billion in cuts in the first year, right away, rather than staggering them out over many years. That would make his the most substantial I’ve seen from any public figure. Right up front, half a trillion dollars. The Democrats quickly countered, Congressman, that would be a shock to the system and would do more harm than good. What do you say?

Ron Paul: I would say it’s not enough. But he’s certainly bold and I think he’s taking a bold step, and that is great. But what’s that going to do to a deficit that last year the national debt went up $1.7 trillion?

Neil Cavuto: That’s right.

Ron Paul: It’s really not very much. And what if interest rates prop up a little bit? You cut a little bit and interest rates go up, that’s going to add a huge sum. It’s out of control, you know, and that’s where our problem is. And we’ve taken upon ourselves too much. We’ve become the policeman of the world, we take care of our people from cradle to grave, we have a monetary system that is out of control and we don’t have any control of the interest rates and people own our debt. Foreigners own our debt, we’re indebted to the world. It’s a big, big problem. So I think we need to have a revolutionary idea about the role of government: what should the scope of government be. And we will have that argument, not tonight and not next week, and not next year. We’ll have it because this is an unsustainable system and then we’ll have to sit down and talk about what is the proper role of government in a free society.

Neil Cavuto: Well put, Congressman, it’s always good having you. Thank you very much.

Ron Paul: Thank you, Neil.

  • LMAO You are so on the money on that. Ron Paul 2012!


  • jimmyassx

    Yeah,I like Ron Paul also. But, remember: It is not the man, it’s the message. Free minds. Free markets. Peace to you and yours.

  • davitodude

    I always crack up watching Neil. Every interview he just kinda blindly stares and nods his head.

  • purplefetus3

    Cavuto looks like Butthead from the old show Beavis & Butthead.


    Ron paul has been consistant in everything hes said all the way through, he is your man, vote him in 2012 ! good luck from england 🙂

  • When you cut 500 Billion that money (or if you prefer, goods/services that money could buy) does not just disappear, it simply leaves the control of the Federal Government. Even with that amount of cutting the Feds are still over budget! Unbelievable. They just don’t get it.

  • bluetablepainting

    When you cut 500 Billion that money (or if you prefer, goods/services that money could buy) does not just disappear, it simply leaves the control of the Federal Government. Even with that amount of cutting the Feds are still over budget! Unbelievable. They just don’t get it.

  • garrethdavis

    77,642 subscribers? and 1,186 views after a day?
    something doesn’t add up to me

  • Not true according to my memory of the speeches I have heard him say for years, and the voting record is very unusually anti government growth, he is like true to his words, though we never can have faith in politicians, just in ourselves.

  • shut up, retard.

  • Do not be fooled , all he wants is to be the next ruler. Would he start wars ,YES .He is saying things you want to hear. The kick in the behind will bring changes, not American Presidents. President BUSH went into Afghanistan at the invitation of OSAMA. Now you are stuck facing economy destruction. A few more WARS will bring America DOWN . Elect BOLTON. He will bring America into more wars. Look at Obama ,only promises nothing DELIVERED. RON will BE THE SAME.

  • OscarMaris

    ron paul is a hero. If only more people would listen to him.

  • wdcsucks1

    the role of government is to protect our freedom and liberty which is all manifested in the constitution! the fact they are acting against the constitution on a daily basis shows the true intentions of these governments since the foundation of the FED!!!

  • msungs

    After the 08 crash (which I think is the smaller crash before the Greatest Crash we have ever seen), I started asking questions. I had been a blind follower of Bush but I woke up and realized after hearing Ron Paul’s message that the system is to blame. “Owe”bama is a crazier spender than Bush but it’s the 2 party system that works against the American people + the Federal Reserve as “Federal” as Federal Express is the financier. I learned about real money + the Constitution from Ron, thanks

  • holidayhouse03

    revenue for fy2011 will be about 2200 billion…they should cut spending to fy2002 levels. They spent 2100 billion that year. This would be a cut of about 1600 billion

  • krashteste

    i’m impressed with the quality of this video!

  • Tanarus20

    Here’s the sad thing people are not seeing…
    So the Dollar collapses the Elites encourage us to use Digital money as our way out of the Darkness. (You people have to understand, we’ll find our selves in this very same situation down the road.)
    The founders knew what they were talking about using Gold/Silver. It frees us of our monetary enslavement from the Banksters.

  • uturniaphobic

    what did Ron say?, “Supply Slide”? what’s that?

  • goldcurrent1

    “The economy is growing again” .. If you’re referring to China and you live in the real world. LOL

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    You know the budget is bad when Rand Paul proposes a $500 billion cut in a single year as opposed to ten years and Ron Paul sez it is not enough.