Breaking: Ron Paul 2012 Grassroots Petition Attracts 15,000 Signatures!‘s grassroots petition asking Ron Paul to run for President in 2012 broke the 15,000 barrier earlier today. Word of the petition has spread all over the Internet, and additional signatures keep being submitted at a rapid pace. You can view the signatures in the Petition Archives.

Our new goal is to collect a total 100,000 signatures by February 10th – that’s when CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, starts. Last year, Ron Paul won the coveted CPAC poll and the resulting media attention was huge. If Ron Paul wins the CPAC poll this year and if our petition reaches the 100,000 mark at the same time, he will know that he has the support to make a credible bid for the Presidency.

Will you take a few seconds today and ask only 5 people to sign the Ron Paul 2012 petition at

Join us in making a few calls, sending an email to your friends, posting comments on blogs, forums and YouTube, and/or using Facebook, Twitter and other Share buttons at

Together we can make a difference!

May the momentum carry us to victory.

Thanks for your support.


  • Ross

    Ron,there should be 150 million signatures there.Freedom,integrity and honesty has not existed on this planet for a long time.

    This is our time of serious reckoning. Money is not the source of power.Money represents human potential,creativity and productivity.Money has been turned into a commodity that trades in human misery.The function of money has been perverted,thus we see the decay and perversions throughout our societies.

  • Zachary

    Ron Paul 2012. This is the last chance at restoring the republic. !!!! PLEASE RUN MR. PAUL!!!! YOU HAVE THE SUPPORT!!

  • Danny

    I like the idea for everyone to change their facebook profile to Ron Paul pictures

  • He will go down in history as one of the greatest Patriots that ever lived. I pray he also goes down in history as the 45th President of the United States of America :))
    Let’s all change our profile pictures to Ron Paul’s and get the word out to every American how desperatly we need Ron Paul as our next President. Everyone spread the word.