Ron Paul Explains How Iraq Was Made into an Enemy in Order to “Redesign the Middle East”

Date: 01/26/2011


Ron Paul: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, how did the 20-year war get started? It had been long assumed that the United States government, shortly before Iraq invaded Kuwait in August of 1990, gave Saddam Hussein a green light to attack. A State Department cable recently published by Wikileaks confirmed that US Ambassador April Glaspie did indeed have a conversation with Saddam Hussein one week prior to Iraq’s August 1st, 1990 invasion of Kuwait. Amazingly, the released cable was entitled, “Saddam’s Message of Friendship to President Bush.” In it, Ambassador Glaspie affirmed to Saddam that the President—this is in quotes—“the President had instructed her to broaden and deepen our relations with Iraq”—close quote. As Saddam Hussein outlined Iraq’s ongoing border dispute with Kuwait, Ambassador Glaspie was quite clear that—quote—“We took no position on these Arab affairs”—close quote. There would have been no reason for Saddam Hussein not to take this assurance at face value. The US was quite supportive of his invasion and war of aggression against Iran in the 1980s. With this approval from the U.S. Government, it wasn’t surprising that the invasion occurred. The shock and surprise was how quickly the tables were turned, and our ‘friend,’ Saddam Hussein, all of a sudden became Hitler personified.

The document was classified, supposedly to protect national security, yet this information in no way jeopardized our security. Instead, it served to keep the truth from the American people about an event leading up to our initial military involvement in Iraq, and the region, that continues to today. The secrecy of the memo was designed to hide the truth from the American people and keep our government from being embarrassed.

This was the initial event that had led to so much death and destruction, not to mention the financial cost these past 20 years. Our response and persistent militarism toward Iraq was directly related to 9/11, as our presence on the Arabian peninsula—and in particular, Saudi Arabia—was listed by al-Qaeda as a major grievance that outraged the radicals who carried out the heinous attacks New York and Washington on that fateful day.

Today the conflict has spread through the Middle East and Central Asia with no end in sight. The reason this information is so important is that, if Congress and the American people had known about this “green-light incident” 20 years ago, they would have been a lot more reluctant to give a green light to our government to pursue the current war, a war that is ongoing and expanding to this very day.

The tough question that remains is, was this done deliberately, to create the justification, to redesign the Middle East, as many neo-conservatives desired, and to secure oil supplies for the West? Or was it just a diplomatic blunder followed up by many more strategic military blunders? Regardless, we have blundered into a war that no one seems willing to end.

Julian Assange, the publisher of the Wikileaks memo, is now considered an Enemy of the State. Politicians are calling for drastic punishment and even assassination. And sadly, the majority of the American people seem to support such moves. But why should we so fear the truth? Why should our government’s lies and mistakes be hidden from the American people in the name of patriotism? Once it becomes acceptable to equate “truth” with “treason,” we can no longer call ourselves a free society.

And I yield back the balance of my time.

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    Truth is treason in an empire of lies.

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    All politicians who make sense and say the truth end up being assassinated =/

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    Way to stick it to them Mr. Paul. It’s so refreshing to have someone speaking the pure and honest truth.

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    Thank God we have this man in our Nation’s capital!

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    Yet again, The Warrior Ron Paul speaks truth. Do a little bit of research and you will know that the info Ron Paul reveals about the first illegal war against Iraq has been available online for years. The US set up Saddam and even lied to the Saudi Dictatorship to justify their mass murder. All US wars since 1898 have been brought about by Government lies. FACT! The US has become a terrorist nation, controlled by the “by way of deception, thou shalt do war” crowd in israel. Vote Ron Paul 2012.

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    Why is this not all over the news? This is of ENORMOUS IMPORTANCE! The media colludes with the government to hide their mistakes instead of working to expose them. Now the Feds want to take over the internet? We’re in big trouble.

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    This is amazing. The most explosive political speech I have ever heard in my life. How did America allow a non-coward to be elected to congress? Most people I know have no time to learn about economics, polics and history: they love sports, movies, TV, gossip and “dating.” They vote for cowards.

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    Fantastic Dr. Paul! Every American should see this video. Unfortunately, only 305 have seen it so far.

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    “Once it becomes acceptable to equate truth with treason we can no longer call ourselves a free society.” R.Paul NOW THINK ABOUT 9-11 TRUTH MOVEMENT and how FOX and the ZIONAZI-NEO-CONS were calling us enemies of the state WHEN ALL WE BROUGHT WAS TRUTH AND ALL WE SEEK IS TRUTH.

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    “Once it becomes acceptable to equate truth with treason we can no longer call ourselves a free society.” R.Paul

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    Great speech, again!

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    So where’s ol’ pa Bushy hiding right now? The same gallows GWB brought to Saddam are calling GHWB & Son. I wonder if GWB will hold advocate to capital punishment for treason for his entire family the same as his stance on capital punishment for much lesser violations of law in his time as Govenor of Texas?

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    Ron Paul is a modern day Founding Father. Keep exposing the lies of the USSA puppet government that serves the banksters and the Federal Reserve as “Federal” as Federal Express. I feel much safer since I fled the USS Titantic and moved to Northern Europe.