Ron Paul Explains How Iraq Was Made into an Enemy in Order to “Redesign the Middle East”

Date: 01/26/2011


Ron Paul: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, how did the 20-year war get started? It had been long assumed that the United States government, shortly before Iraq invaded Kuwait in August of 1990, gave Saddam Hussein a green light to attack. A State Department cable recently published by Wikileaks confirmed that US Ambassador April Glaspie did indeed have a conversation with Saddam Hussein one week prior to Iraq’s August 1st, 1990 invasion of Kuwait. Amazingly, the released cable was entitled, “Saddam’s Message of Friendship to President Bush.” In it, Ambassador Glaspie affirmed to Saddam that the President—this is in quotes—“the President had instructed her to broaden and deepen our relations with Iraq”—close quote. As Saddam Hussein outlined Iraq’s ongoing border dispute with Kuwait, Ambassador Glaspie was quite clear that—quote—“We took no position on these Arab affairs”—close quote. There would have been no reason for Saddam Hussein not to take this assurance at face value. The US was quite supportive of his invasion and war of aggression against Iran in the 1980s. With this approval from the U.S. Government, it wasn’t surprising that the invasion occurred. The shock and surprise was how quickly the tables were turned, and our ‘friend,’ Saddam Hussein, all of a sudden became Hitler personified.

The document was classified, supposedly to protect national security, yet this information in no way jeopardized our security. Instead, it served to keep the truth from the American people about an event leading up to our initial military involvement in Iraq, and the region, that continues to today. The secrecy of the memo was designed to hide the truth from the American people and keep our government from being embarrassed.

This was the initial event that had led to so much death and destruction, not to mention the financial cost these past 20 years. Our response and persistent militarism toward Iraq was directly related to 9/11, as our presence on the Arabian peninsula—and in particular, Saudi Arabia—was listed by al-Qaeda as a major grievance that outraged the radicals who carried out the heinous attacks New York and Washington on that fateful day.

Today the conflict has spread through the Middle East and Central Asia with no end in sight. The reason this information is so important is that, if Congress and the American people had known about this “green-light incident” 20 years ago, they would have been a lot more reluctant to give a green light to our government to pursue the current war, a war that is ongoing and expanding to this very day.

The tough question that remains is, was this done deliberately, to create the justification, to redesign the Middle East, as many neo-conservatives desired, and to secure oil supplies for the West? Or was it just a diplomatic blunder followed up by many more strategic military blunders? Regardless, we have blundered into a war that no one seems willing to end.

Julian Assange, the publisher of the Wikileaks memo, is now considered an Enemy of the State. Politicians are calling for drastic punishment and even assassination. And sadly, the majority of the American people seem to support such moves. But why should we so fear the truth? Why should our government’s lies and mistakes be hidden from the American people in the name of patriotism? Once it becomes acceptable to equate “truth” with “treason,” we can no longer call ourselves a free society.

And I yield back the balance of my time.

  • Leda

    As a Lowly SHEEPLE.. I have a question for the Elites.What good is all the money in the world if, the World is Shit? Are you gaming for a planet wide Nigeria? I can understand being proud of that! Not…

    Release Free Energy and Cures. Set in place other ways of “Population Control” aside from chemtrail sterilization with Barium which also destroys the Immune system. And Plumb Island’s introduced diseases, and WORLD WARS!

    Imagine a Utopia like the Venus Project. Now that is something to be PROUD of!


  • abukamoon

    Our criminal politicians don’t want us to know this information. It’s all about removing governments in the Middle East that don’t want to cooperate with the New World Order. Stealing Iraq’s oil for the big oil companies is just an added benefit.

  • TrueVeracity

    Ask your fellow average American about how a incredibly straightforward, concise, comprehensive, and vernacular man such as Ron Paul with all his clean plate of consistent honest demeanor and fairness could escape the notice of the public so easily even if the media shunned him; you can see the potency of the influence of the media and how it has grasped the public to such a degree even with all the mistrust and discontent the people feel. Likely he or she will only be concerned with him/herself


  • Ryan

    I like Ron Paul too and have no problem with him referring to 9/11 as though it happened the way the government says, simply because we don’t know all the facts but I would like real government intelligence to find out more.

    • Leda

      If you notice what Ron Paul says when asked about 911, you can tell he dismisses it only because so many find it UNIMAGINABLE that our on GOV could do such a thing and it would be political suicide to suggest such a thing. I would bet he would go after those responsible. Like Silverstein etc.. No doubt in my mind it was an inside job just so many are over fluoridated to think for themselves.

  • kt10585

    yeah i like ron paul – but he still refers to 9/11 as though it happened the way the government says it happened.

  • dapper189

    1 person works for the fed.

  • NCIcaucus

    My HERO! Screw the NWO and the Bush family!

  • pfcwar5150

    who says our “guvment” doesn’t care about us,…..stop paying taxes and the’ll send someone to your house to find out how your doing.

  • cdc482

    Why is this not front page news??!!!!

  • gaeokm41

    no more wars for israel!

  • theblackmanOyeah

    everyone, go check out:


    it just came out 4 days ago, and already has 1.1 Million views +

    we are change guys, remember that.

  • AynRandFanJG

    Kosovo, Bosnia, Somalia, Iraq Sanctions which are an act of war and killed 500,000 Iraqi babies, and the Iraq bombings which Clinton was disappointed did not lead to an authorization by Congress to invade Iraq toward the end of his second term. Really, you didn’t remember any of those?

  • archifiable

    This stuff is TOO good.

  • funnyguise

    another instant classic for the history books!!!

  • KaptKan1

    I am an enemy of the State.

  • eagleeye1975

    hey, that’s my congressman Lee Terry as acting speaker!

  • ggalbraith

    He is the carrot on the stick to keep us all in good hope. I applaud the man and respect him dearly but there is a reason he is not in power. Don’t NOT prepare for the economic collapse because it is inevitable and no politician can fix the amount of debt we’ve piled up in the name of terrorism. BUY FOOD, WATER, GUNS, AND BULLET PROOF VESTS NOW

  • MushroomCloud666

    Don’t forget that US government also helped Saddam to power, gave him chemical weapons and funded him. They prolly planned all this from the start… it’s really disgusting.

  • zestysteve1

    All the hardcore political citizens will post year-round about how awesome Ron Paul is; but, when the elections come, they are drowned out by hordes of partisan band-wagoners. It’s sad that those who really participate get so easily drowned out when it matters, but it has always been this way.

  • y2knoproblem

    I think he must be related to Thomas Paine.