Ron Paul: Cut Off All Foreign Aid to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, And All the Rest!

Ron Paul joined Neil Cavuto on FOX News to discuss the ongoing crisis in Egypt, the problem of foreign aid, and the consequences of choosing sides on an international stage.

Date: 01/31/2010


Neil Cavuto: A mess that’s getting messier, and reason enough for Texas Republican Ron Paul to say, “The U.S. should stop getting in deeper and cut all financial to Egypt now.” The Congressman joins me now on the phone. Well, that would be a big move, Congressman.

Ron Paul: Well, it would, but I’d include everybody, because I think we just get ourselves into too much trouble. This is a typical example of what happens when we run an interventionist-type foreign policy; we get in the middle of these fights. But we’ve been in the middle of this for 30 years over there. We’ve given Mubarak $60 billion, you know. And so we’re responsible for a lot of the mess that’s over there.

Neil Cavuto: What if we did indeed pull out or stop giving them money? The argument is someone else comes in to our detriment. What do you say?

Ron Paul: Well, that may be, but you don’t know whether it would be to our detriment. Somebody else is going to come in, the big fight now is for us to be charge. I mean, if Mubarak survives, we want to be on his side. If they get a new guy, we want to be on their side. And I just think that doesn’t work, because eventually the people rebel. For a while it seems to be stable, but it’ so artificial.

I mean, all that money going over there, they have a 450,000 man army that will probably be turned against the people unless they take over the government, and there’s a lot of wealth there for a few people, and the people are suffering. It just sets the stage for this. They should be forced to live within their means and take care of themselves. But I would do that with all countries, I wouldn’t just cut off Egyptian aid, I’d cut off all aid to the Middle East, and maybe that whole area would be better off for it.

Neil Cavuto: Well, the argument against doing that, Congressman – we’ve heard this so many times – is that in this case the Muslim Brotherhood through groups like Al-Qaida and the rest would get an enormous influence in the region, a region rich in oil, and we’d be having to kowtow to them.

Ron Paul: Yea, that is the argument. But have they ever thought whether the growth of groups like this is because they have a target, and the target is us, our puppet governments? I mean, we didn’t have to worry about radical mullahs in Iran until we put the Shah in, and then it took a couple of decades and finally the people rebelled and there was a revolution and there was a blowback to us and an unintended consequence.

So yes, I think we have to worry about the radicals, but we have to understand how they get their motivation; and their motivation, how they arouse the people and radicalize them is when we take over. I mean, I think the big issue here is how long is it going to take for this to happen in Saudi Arabia and for people to say that’s impossible, I think they’re kidding themselves. Now that would be big news and that would be major. Maybe that’s why some people are discounting that and I think oil went up 6 to 7 dollars in the last trading day.

Neil Cavuto: That’s right.

Ron Paul: So there’s something significant going on, there’s a lot of concern there.

Ron Paul: On the fear of just that. Great, Congressman, thank you very much. Good having you.

Ron Paul: Sure thing.

  • wbradss

    Every time i hear RB it sounds better.

  • stallion78

    Congressman Ron Paul is the only honest politician in this country and the only one of them with any damn sense! I agree. No meddling in any countries affairs most people in this country dislike these policies anyway when we have our own social problems


  • baihbalm

    come on Saudi Arabia, do it!!!! Haha, guess that’s why we recently sold Saudi Arabia $79.8 billion dollars worth of military aid to keep the people down. Way to go US, spreading democracy round the world. Woooooo!!!

  • john5246

    Look we MUST give away all our money, everything rides in Israel! We MUST protect Israel at any cost, give all our taxpayer money away, let us starve but please don’t let anything happen to Israel.

    Damn jews going into law and then to congress, see what happens. Why couldn’t jews have gone into engineering or something.

  • katey1dog

    WTF is with the MSM going on with this “Muslim Brotherhood” conspiracy?

    Where is this conspiracy?

  • momentous11

    Ron Paul you need to throw the jewish lobby out for all this aid to stop,
    even if you did achive this i give you a week or less you’ll be dead and back to normal sick ways again.

    History comes to mind.

  • 1kingconan

    the people have spoken! RON PAUL 2012!!!

  • mystro810

    the end is nigh

  • 18wheeler76

    i love how the usa supports dictators after they go to war to remove dictators,and our president is a controlled dictator,Ron please get in the white house somehow someway.

  • 74brooklynboi

    I got a better idead. How ’bout we stop supporting Israehell.

  • RonPaulClassics

    Wise words, as usual.

  • goldcurrent1

    The US sponsors dictators, wages unconstitutional wars, censors honest media and journalism, passes bills written by corporations without even reading them, de-industrializes us by shipping manufacturing over seas, and artificially creates money backed by nothing via the FED’s printing press to continue enriching bankers by impoverishing us. We have been hijacked by criminals who do not represent the people. When is OUR revolution? What are WE waiting for?

  • MikeyKP420

    $60 billion certainly isn’t chump change, but as of 2005, the US has given Israel more than $154 billion in direct military and economic assistance. At present, the US gives Israel about $3 billion a year, and we get JACK in return. They haven’t helped us with a damn thing since the Cold War ended; they only take and take and take. If anyone wants to read a great book on the subject, check out The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy, by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt.

  • Aracuru

    Ron Paul for President in 2012!!!

  • cchessmaster

    It makes so much sense to borrow money from China to give to Egypt and Israel.

  • guitarland

    Got to agree with Ron Paul. Cut out foreign aid EVERYWHERE. We make ourselves a target when we pick sides, although we have already given the Egyptian government (Mubarak) about $60 Billion. Wonder if they used that money to help their people, or mostly to buy weapons.

  • Kitswain59

    I agree, STOP all foreign aid, especially Israel.

  • xplorish

    Remove the found to israel also thats prolly 3 times larger

  • MsWanderer1

    Politicians are right; the majority of people in the world are indeed STUPID!

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    RP2012 please!