Ron Paul: Cut Off All Foreign Aid to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, And All the Rest!

Ron Paul joined Neil Cavuto on FOX News to discuss the ongoing crisis in Egypt, the problem of foreign aid, and the consequences of choosing sides on an international stage.

Date: 01/31/2010


Neil Cavuto: A mess that’s getting messier, and reason enough for Texas Republican Ron Paul to say, “The U.S. should stop getting in deeper and cut all financial to Egypt now.” The Congressman joins me now on the phone. Well, that would be a big move, Congressman.

Ron Paul: Well, it would, but I’d include everybody, because I think we just get ourselves into too much trouble. This is a typical example of what happens when we run an interventionist-type foreign policy; we get in the middle of these fights. But we’ve been in the middle of this for 30 years over there. We’ve given Mubarak $60 billion, you know. And so we’re responsible for a lot of the mess that’s over there.

Neil Cavuto: What if we did indeed pull out or stop giving them money? The argument is someone else comes in to our detriment. What do you say?

Ron Paul: Well, that may be, but you don’t know whether it would be to our detriment. Somebody else is going to come in, the big fight now is for us to be charge. I mean, if Mubarak survives, we want to be on his side. If they get a new guy, we want to be on their side. And I just think that doesn’t work, because eventually the people rebel. For a while it seems to be stable, but it’ so artificial.

I mean, all that money going over there, they have a 450,000 man army that will probably be turned against the people unless they take over the government, and there’s a lot of wealth there for a few people, and the people are suffering. It just sets the stage for this. They should be forced to live within their means and take care of themselves. But I would do that with all countries, I wouldn’t just cut off Egyptian aid, I’d cut off all aid to the Middle East, and maybe that whole area would be better off for it.

Neil Cavuto: Well, the argument against doing that, Congressman – we’ve heard this so many times – is that in this case the Muslim Brotherhood through groups like Al-Qaida and the rest would get an enormous influence in the region, a region rich in oil, and we’d be having to kowtow to them.

Ron Paul: Yea, that is the argument. But have they ever thought whether the growth of groups like this is because they have a target, and the target is us, our puppet governments? I mean, we didn’t have to worry about radical mullahs in Iran until we put the Shah in, and then it took a couple of decades and finally the people rebelled and there was a revolution and there was a blowback to us and an unintended consequence.

So yes, I think we have to worry about the radicals, but we have to understand how they get their motivation; and their motivation, how they arouse the people and radicalize them is when we take over. I mean, I think the big issue here is how long is it going to take for this to happen in Saudi Arabia and for people to say that’s impossible, I think they’re kidding themselves. Now that would be big news and that would be major. Maybe that’s why some people are discounting that and I think oil went up 6 to 7 dollars in the last trading day.

Neil Cavuto: That’s right.

Ron Paul: So there’s something significant going on, there’s a lot of concern there.

Ron Paul: On the fear of just that. Great, Congressman, thank you very much. Good having you.

Ron Paul: Sure thing.

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  • a4finger

    As always, Ron Paul is completely right.

    Ron Paul for President 2012!


  • StanwoodSpartans

    How much money does the US give egypt each year?

    • Yogetthephone

      1.2 million is the figure I found. But the purpose of this funding was to keep the Israel-Egypt peace treaty intact and from what I can tell was preventing wars. This is a small price to pay in comparison to the billions we spend funding our wars.

  • planetarypatriot1

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  • Violettasheikh

    very interesting video, keep your good work,and peace to you

  • pipersmitty87

    As much as we all love this guy. RP is absolutely f’d by the corporate media secret societies. And with sheep for citizens, our country is equally f’d. The original grass roots real deal American hero that he is (my hero)- He will be ignored like he was back in 08 and 04

  • DennyDucet

    RON PAUL 2012. If we had elected him in 2008, we may have ended the IRS, and the FED. No more debt based currency, no more foreign aid, foreign wars, no more paying interest on our every bill in circulation to privately held banks. Support Ron Paul, support liberty and freedom. Free your mind, free your future. RON PAUL rEVOLution 2012 JOIN THE FIGHT GET INVOLVED. DO SOMETHING.

  • xluuuluuux

    Does this include Israel !
    For in the case of Israel , its the US government that is a puppet
    to the zionist Israel’s government .I think the US is more in need
    for such a revolution to get rid of all the zionazi jews running their
    policy ,sending their soldiers abroad for its sake !!

  • Fatimzahra310

    Please don’t forget to cut the aid To Israel too 🙂
    You have forget the most big killer of The middle East : Israel
    The friend of Usa , Usa where power is to the jews
    The jews control all in Usa , Media , TV, Aipac … All is control by the jews , by Israel, The jews control Usa The grands parents of Hillary Clinton Was Jews …
    Hillary Clinton come in Morroco to see the tomb of her grand parents every years
    So please don’t forget Israel
    Take care

  • DarkReapersGrim

    I’m Arab and American and I’m for cutting off all aid to the Middle East (cut off aid to all Arab countries and to israel). When the US gives aid to a country like it did to Egypt, the White House then dictates the policies of that country and threatens to withhold that aid if the leader of that country doesn’t adopt the White Houses’ policies. We need leaders in the Arab World who are independent of the US. Also, I’m against israel sucking financial aid to harm the Palestinian People.

  • People are going to vote for whoever is promoted by the media. Ron Paul is never going to become president, unless he sells out his ideals to get more funding like his son did. And his son still is just in the Senate, even he is probably too fringe to make it to the presidency. However if someone came out who was really dominating in his presence like Jesse Ventura he might have a shot. Because people look for ‘strong leaders’ since they’re afraid to lead themselves

  • greg

    Once again Ron Paul speaks true common sense. For crying out loud if the American people do not support him and elect him as our next President we as a Country will be doomed with our corrupt politicans/corporations.


    If he doesn’t become president, Americans DESERVE the Anti-Christ.

  • Katja

    Why are we giving, oil rich with petro dollars, Saudi Arabia aid?

  • chrisdabdoub

    how is this guy not President of the United States?

  • seriouslycurious1

    prince of peace

  • lilsm555

    RON PAUL!!!!! the only rational republican

  • nvsyru

    Wise men in the pass knew to avoid foreign entanglements! What fools keep voting for these fools.

    You ready for a real change America? Good! Start now by informing all you know about Ron Paul and give them his weekly update number 888-322-1414. Start making your own “RON PAUL FOR 2012” signs. Put them in your car window, etc.

    Ron Paul is our best HOPE for CHANGE! Quit kidding yourself thinking Obama is!

  • MrMirrorJr

    Ron Paul, the next American President……Go Go Gooo !

  • MrMirrorJr

    Ron Paul, the nest American President……Go Go Gooo !