Ron Paul Relaunches LibertyPAC – The Revolution Continues!

Ron Paul has launched a re-vamped website and new political effort through Liberty PAC, his leadership Political Action Committee. The new site is located at

“Liberty PAC will play a critical role in Congressman Paul’s political activities in 2011 and 2012,” said director Jesse Benton. “There are many intriguing options available to Dr. Paul, and Liberty PAC will work hard to capitalize on his momentum and bring the message of Liberty, Limited Government and a strong, pro-American foreign policy to the People.”

With Dr. Paul’s strong national profile continuing to grow, there is increasing desire for his support from limited government candidates across the country that share his concern about debt, deficit spending and an out-of-control Federal Reserve. There has also been substantial buzz about Congressman Paul making a presidential bid or running for United States Senate.

Congressman Paul will hold his first highly anticipated domestic monetary policy subcommittee hearing on Wednesday, February 9th, speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday, February 11th and has agreed to travel on a three city speaking tour in Iowa on March 7th.

Ron Paul: “Welcome to the new LibertyPAC website. We’re very excited about what’s happening because LibertyPAC is going to get a lot more active. There’s a lot of activity going on this year and we need to get the information out and this is what this website is going to do. I hope you enjoy it, I hope you visit it frequently, and we are determined to do a good job in keeping you up with all the political activities going on in this country.”


  • ProgressiveInAmerica

    Another big government career politician creating more lobbying groups, how typical of this loser.