Ron Paul’s First Subcommittee Hearing: Can Monetary Policy Really Create Jobs?

This is the first hearing held by Dr. Ron Paul as Chairman of the Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology subcommittee, which, among its other duties, oversees the Federal Reserve.

Date: 02/09/2011
Video by minnesotachris – thanks!

Anyone knows how to fix the audio? We tried almost everything but didn’t get any significant improvement. If you have any ideas please post a comment or contact us.


  • johnnyfenger

    RON PAUL MUST be president,,, if not, we are dead meat,,,, the asians will rule,,, RUN RON!!

  • JakeJudd28

    What we have here is: An ever growing group of people, surrounding the poor and picking the pockets of us rallied in the center. Ninety percent of the United States People are in fact poor. The vultures that gather to take the coins from a homeless man exist! They are in fact rich because they found private ways of doing so. Why would someone steel from a young single mother by taxing the diaper manufacturer, or the bottle maker. My boss would Fire everyone caught steeling! Would yours? Jake

  • SilentNoMorePubs

    Awesome! Ron Paul finally heads the committee. To understand our monetary system, watch WHY WE ARE IN SO MUCH DEBT. Simple, clear explanation.

  • HKDapper

    There was some pretty blatant “ad hominem” going on with the Kaynsians. I was also surprised by how the Austrian was caught so off guard by Green’s comment that economic growth cannot be predicted. The most prosperous portions of American history have included some form of sound money. I would have told Green that the unpredictability comes from what unaccountable fed presidents and chairmen, not the policy itself.

    RON PAUL 2012!!!

  • surfer53

    Tell me it’s not a set up that people see all these CEOs running off with millions then politicians who enabled those CEOs jump in and call for public support in wealth redistribution and regulations. Am I the only one who sees these policies as actually accomplishing the opposite of their supposed intent? Corporations are the problem, so the solution is more corporatism? Who’s leading who here? Sorry, Ron, I don’t think people quite get it. Einstein talking to preschoolers.

  • JakeJudd28

    I SEE a whole lot of very spoiled little shi*ts running their mouth about issues that have no results except keeping the masses broke.

  • hucklebearer53

    SPLC is the hate group Mr Clay. And the current teaching in public schools, on the civil war, is the true revisionism. Mr Clay your statements directed at Thomas DiLorenzo indicates to me that you are a product of our failed state controlled education system.

  • TheNorthwestReport

    Can we get an edited video of just Ron Paul speaking? We can only stand so much non-sense.

  • RonPaulWI

    CNN MONEY Headline “IMF calls for dollar alternative… IMF said Special Drawing Rights, or SDRs, could help stabilize the global financial system.” This will DESTROY the US Dollar!

  • imill212

    Clay is a globalist lap dog. I am a black man.

  • kevinz1985

    I wonder how much money a congressman on the payroll of the Fed takes from the taxpayers.

  • jfarris4417

    Ron Paul for president 2012!

  • dirtbagstatus

    I wonder what Mr Clay would think if he knew Abraham Lincoln was a white supremacist that believed whites and blacks were incompatible races?

  • FreedomsReigning

    Sometimes I wonder how one man can be so strong.

    Only the truth can keep this kind of man fighting on for so long. Perhaps that’s why these fiat slave traders are becoming so scared of us all.

  • spaceagedevice

    Insert Benny Hill Theme Song from 53:05-56:50 because I have no questions for you, only hilarious smears.

  • NSResponder

    Barney Frank scolding other countries for currency manipulation? STFU, you useless idiot.


  • TheCanucksfan21

    Ben didnt show up?

  • TheReallitycheck

    Can’t wait until Bernanke has to take his seat at the table. He is going to get his ass ripped to pieces.

  • BananaPeal0

    I love it… republicans conveniently forget basic economic theory when it’s convenient, accept outlandish comparisons that central banking is akin to a centrally planned economy, then pretend to know what’s best for the economy. Now that’s the CHAIRMAN of the finance committee making comments like “how’s Bernanke gonna unwind this… just by looking at the CPI?” Perhaps Dr. Paul can check up on some modern economic theory as background reading for his new job.

  • tehdouglas1

    Seriously though I was in DC last summer and the reflecting pool smelled horrible and had tons of crap floating around in it.