Poll Results: What Should Ron Paul Do in 2012?

In response to speculations that Ron Paul might run for U.S. Senate in 2012, RonPaul.com ran an unofficial poll asking its website visitors what Ron Paul should do. The poll was open from January 14 until February 10 and attracted 7,158 votes. The results are as follows:

What should Ron Paul do in 2012?

  • Ron Paul should run for President (84%, 5,979 Votes)
  • Ron Paul should run for U.S. Senate (13%, 966 Votes)
  • Ron Paul should do something else (please post a comment to elaborate) (2%, 109 Votes)
  • Ron Paul should only run for reelection to the House (1%, 103 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,158


  • ym37tech

    Everyone should watch the Khazarian Conspiracy on youtube. PLEASE! This election is much more important than you think.

  • packeryman

    Ron Paul should run, he has great ideas about the federal reserve and bringing home all troops. I as an Independent would vote for him unless Donald Trump runs. I like the business experience at home and abroad that Trump brings to the table. He can deal with the China, India, Korea, etc. The man has the experience and exposure to the kind of negotiation America needs to bring to trade agreements. Trump states free trade is failing America, what we need is fair trade to bring industry back to America. I believe Trump is the only politician of the group with enough “cogs” to state the obvious, “free trade as America is playing the game is a failure”, he is a free trader but on an equal playing field. Until this problem is solved, nothing can change in the US. Our debt, lack of jobs, growth, etc. will all fall in line when we equalize the playing field in trade. The rest of the social crap the Republican party directs its attentions to is useless. Since taking office and control of the house we have done nothing about trade and the most important issue facing the nation, JOBS. Unemployment will never go back to an acceptable level until these trade agreements are renegotiated. We have a group of typical politicians playing to their far right base, so as to hold office next election. Continue and they will lose Independents in the numbers as they won by in the last election. The social issues they are dealing with have nothing to do with the declining middle class and their loss of jobs. TRUMP for President.

  • RevolutionParty

    Fred, seriously, your on a Ron fan site trying to trash Ron?

    I think deep down inside you know Ron is right about everything he speaks. I guess you dont want liberty or freedom for yourself. You must like the idea that you are property of the Federal Government. Or maybe you would like it if China came over here and was meddling in our Government structure.

    Your ignorance is either intentional or you are just that stupid.

    I think you would have really enjoyed East Germany in the 1940s 🙂

    • fred the protectionist

      So reading your message backwards:

      I would have enjoyed East Germany in the 1940’s (I think you meant post WW2) cause i’m ignorant cause China came over here and meddled in Governmental structure cause deep down inside liberty and freedom for yourself about everything he speaks, bash.

  • Guillermo M. Bellver

    I see in Ron Paul the change that America needs, I am talking about the change that president Obama promissed and didn’t deliver. I only fear that if he gets ellected in 2012 he may not live long enough to make the changes that our country needs. If you know hystory and you are familiar with good presidents such as Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kenedy then you know what I mean. My fellow americans, is time to wake up to reality, the real terrorists are not in Afghanistan or Iraq or anywhere else around the globe, they are here, in our once great nation taking away our liverties and they are put in power by our apathy and ignorance. They are our incompetent leaders that have been put in power by us to represent someone else’s interests and to enslave us. I think we should take a close look to Egypt’s revolution and realize that we, the people, when united for the right reasons can bring down not only presidents but even governments, bacause Freedom is not given to us , It is something we all are born with an no one can take away.

  • fred the protectionist

    Donald Trump for pres! Finally someone worth voting for that doesn’t have 0% chance to win, like one person that will remain unnamed.


    Full Donald Trump speech at CPAC:


    • fred the protectionist

      Libertarian hecklers, get out of my Republican Party and go back to the Dixiecrat Party or Libertarian Party or Ayn Rand cultist Party, whatever floats your boat, just get out of ‘my’ party.

      • Jacob A C

        No you NEO-CON get out of OUR party! Your political philophy reflect more like the democrats like Obama! You type took it over when Nixon took power but Berry Goldwater was there first! he is the old way!. True conservatives don’t support the monopoly like the federal reserve or unconstitutional wars ….. idiot. And mr.mccaine supporter he rushed backed from the presidential run to vote for the bailouts that went were? OH! The banksters pockets!

        • fred the protectionist

          You Libertarians are nothing but hecklers and squatters, you and your twisted ideology never belonged in the Republican Party. And stop calling yourselves conservative too, cause you’re not conservative you are liberal.

        • fred the protectionist

          Libertarians are for liberty as much as the People’s Republic of China is a People’s Republic.

          • Frederic

            Permalink… are you stupid? I was just saying Ron Paul is a really good politician and America is lucky to have this guy we need more people like him. Your just trashing cause you are a communist you like the governement telling you what to do when to do it and how to do it. Personnaly its not my case and thats why I support Ron Paul!

  • Frédéric Abbatiello

    I am Canadian and i really admire what Ron Paul is doing not only in the U.S but in the entire world. Ron Paul is an example of courage and determination. I totaly agree with his point of view and I am sure this man can make a better world… I’m thats why He shoulds run for president. You american are so lucky to have a man like him in Canada the only one who think like Ron Paul is Maxime Bernier (french canadian). I hope the entire world would have the chance to get you as the lead of one of the best country on the world