Ron Paul: Let the Egyptians Solve Their Own Problems

Ron Paul speaks out against the U.S. government interfering in the affairs of other nations: “We should have done a lot less, a lot sooner.”

Date: 02/10/2011


Dylan Ratigan: Congressman Ron Paul joining the conversation. Congressman, is there anything that anybody outside of the borders of that country can or should do?

Ron Paul: Well, we should have done a lot less, a lot sooner because we’re in the middle of this. I mean he’s been our puppet dictator. We’ve given him 70 billion dollars, a bunch of it is in a private bank already, but we built his army. We sell him the weapons. We give them the weapons because we gave him the money. So, we’re in the middle of it and of course now, our government doesn’t know who to support and who not to support. So, they’re trying to line up with the next dictator. It just points out so tragically why intervention in the internal affairs of other nations eventually backfires on us. We’re just now angling to have control afterwards. I would say we’d be better off letting the Egyptians settle this problem.

Dylan Ratigan: Are you making a call, Congressman, for an overhaul of American foreign policy based on what you just said?

Ron Paul: Absolutely! I’ve been doing it in a good many years. I believe in the Constitutional foreign policy of the founders that advocated non-intervention which means that we start bringing our troops home as soon as possible and we bring our money home too. It’s going to happen if we’re going to have a bankruptcy. The Soviet system collapsed, not for military reasons but for financial reasons. So, this is an indication that we wasted our 70 billion dollars. Even the so-called stability that it bought for awhile, it leads to these kind of very, very dangerous situations. I do believe that tomorrow is going to be – if not sooner – a very wild and violent day in Egypt.

Dylan Ratigan: Fawaz, your thoughts on the American Congressman’s observations?

Fawaz Georges: Well, the reality is that at the end of the day, I hope that we learn the lessons from the Tunisian and the Egyptian case. I’m saying, we Americans – the American foreign policy community – at the end of the day, the Middle East has been a dismal failure, a disaster, for American foreign policy, but also at the end of the day, Egyptians are determining their future as you’ll see. The United States has very limited options at this particular moment. I would like President Barrack Obama to make it very clear that the United States, basically, takes sides on the side of the rising social forces – the human rights, the rule of law – those people who are really trying to own their history and basically determine their own affairs. But, I think, in the next few days, the United States must think very clearly about what its response will be if and when the army intervenes to suppress the protesters, what tomorrow might be a bloodbath if the protesters try to march to the Presidential Palace. The next few days are going to be extremely dangerous and I hope the United States has a clear position, a clear stand, when and if the ‘plunge’ takes place in Egypt.

Dylan Ratigan: Ron Paul, Ronald Reagan famous both in 1982 with Poland and in 1989 with the Berlin Wall for doing precisely what Fawaz just described – getting behind the pro-democracy forces, demanding the tearing down of the wall. Do you believe the United States should get behind that crowd?

Ron Paul: I don’t think it’s the same analogy. This is a lot of money and a lot of weapons, and we’re just trying to buy influence. It’s the same old policy of staying there and trying to pick sides. There’s nobody capable of knowing, who’s the one person that we can stand behind. Unless he gets our money… that military is very powerful now, but the military depends on us. So, we’re in the middle of this! To just say that we have to get behind another group, it sounds good, but can diplomatically once it’s settled down, for us to go in there and settle this fight, I think, is wrong and very, very dangerous and it will make things that much worse.

  • kingcherub

    Was ratigan trying to say something a t the end? Does anyone know how he responded to Dr. Paul?

  • jss309

    He is playing out the people to fight out of hatred. I don’t believe Mubarek is physically in Egypt anymore nor does he care about the people. He is a just puppet for the New World Order.

  • blueridger28

    So i as an American have been payin to keep this guy in power for 30 years. fd up we need to worry about our own problems cuase we got a shit ton of em

  • kungfujellybean

    Another perfect example of the “blowback” Dr. Paul has talked about for so many years.

    Here’s my stance, let the people figure it out. Immediately cut ALL U.S. financial aid to the country. We need to realize that we’re not the nannies of the planet. Revolution is a beautiful thing, and I’ll be watching it closely, from a distance.

    Go Egyptians!

  • scopulus93

    I thought and I had a fellow YT clear my mind on this matter.I Agree that we need to stay out of this.I just hate the fact that so many freedom fighters will die soon.But Ron is right we need to stay out of it I guess.

  • TheStreeser1

    USA needs to butt out off foreign countries,try solve your own problems at home ..You have a corrupt, evil government,In fact we dont need your help..
    Americans need to voice their opinions,march to Washington ,do something say something,react …God damnitt,But know you just bend over and take,thinking about tiger woods sex life, lindsey Lohan,things no european cares about,,In europe we will never accept this kind of gov..We know a dictator ,when we see him over here.
    Go back to sleep..

  • bucko60

    fuck egypt

  • LadyBuggin777

    God be with the Egyptian peoples~

  • sethzky77

    just hang the bastards already.

  • AiresQX4

    The honorable Dr Paul begins at 4:55 and ends at 8:44

  • MadXMax187

    I hope they storm the palace and chop off Mubarak’s head with the guillotine

  • izaccy


  • ahamatmabrahman

    tomorrow will be a big flood because the poles are shifting right now See whats happening at the New Madrid Fault Line FEMA are ordering water proof body bags, cotton blankets etc extreme global seizmic activit expected in the next few weeks

  • Tzimnewman3

    “I hope with all my heart for Egypt’s nascent democracy that they take time to create the structures and principles that will help them find the path to democracy and not another form of dicatorship, religious dicatorship, like what happened in Iran.” ~ Sarkozy

    Sarkozy should say like what happened in France after our bloody Revolution and its dictatorship.

  • biggydx

    Even though I disagree with certain things that Ron Paul proposes, I also think he is very respectable in the fact that he is committed to his ideals. He is one of the very few respectable politicians left in addition to Bernie Sanders.


  • landlogger

    HumbleObserver Part two stage-managing the toppling of Saddam Hussein’s statue, the list of the skulduggeries perpetrated on the world is endless. Decades of disinformation, half-truths and lies have contributed to a credibility gap between the words and actions of governments, especially the US government, which is now wider than the Grand Canyon.

  • Hendrix92TheUniverse

    Ron Paul never disappoints me, he is the man.

  • nt109

    Ron Paul always a voice of reason in politics. If only more politicians were like him ….

  • junglemike72

    Chris Matthews is a propaganda bitch, Dylan hit it on the head most of the time, Ron Paul is right all the time.

  • landlogger

    What is still lost on the government functionaries around the world, and especially US officials, is that this trust deficit between them and the public did not develop overnight. Whether it was lying about the Hiroshima bombing, overthrowing Iran’s Dr Mossadegh, the slaughter of thousands of Chileans including Dr Allende, creating the Afghan mujahideen monster, the Iran-Contra scandal, lies about WMDs