Ron Paul on NYSE Deal & Link between Fed and Unemployment

Ron Paul discusses the potential merger between NYSE & Deutsche Boerse, the Federal Reserve and his subcommittee’s role.

Date: 02/10/2011


  • Citizen

    Dr Paul makes a clear distinction between private enterprise business deals, where “private” money is being used.

    State sponsored deals area always expensive, ill conceived and waste tax payers money; not to mention the unintended consequences of creating bigger problems over time.

    The FED Central Bank is America’s political drug of choice, pure numbing stupidity!


    Ron Paul KO’d the Fed ass licker Leisman with a right hook and a left uppercut!

  • gwh21375

    I voted for him last time and I will again!…Unless someone better runs?…You never know…pigs could fly.

  • DennyDucet

    END THE FED!! Ron Paul 2012!!! End fiat s#*T paper as money. Bring back backed currency, silver, gold, copper, platinum, palladium. F*** PAPER!!!!

  • numba1stunna4269

    Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!!!!!

  • uturniaphobic

    and they say Ron is an “isolationist”. well can’t say that anymore

  • john5246

    Erin is such a sexy little thing, so cute

  • bane349

    This has nothing to do with this video, but it’s imporant to me, so I’m posting a comment about it here.

    If you live in the state of Louisiana, please bombard Congressman STEVE SCALISE with emails & phone calls expressing your feelings on the fact that he VOTED FOR AN EXTENTION OF THE PATRIOT ACT THIS WEEK.

    If you live somewhere else you can visit this site and see how your reps voted


    #1 rated comment of every video of Ron Paul on Youtube has something to do with him being president.

    Coincidence? I think not.

  • JayGeePee1

    Ron We As A once Free Nation need a Leader like you right now. Ron Paul in 2012

  • TheStreeser1

    You are my president mr.Paul ..!!!

  • achzdck

    the chinese are giving Washington,DC enough rope to hang the people with ……..sold out by a 2 party system of self seeking eliteist millionaire lawyers called your ELECTED OFFICIALS !!!! Sold into the bondage of debt to build or prop up country’s that despise us …….and the band played on …………………………………….

  • forestpc

    C’mon ron run next year

  • xxxserialxxx

    Ron Paul for President in 2012

  • 12Tamtui

    I agree with Ron Paul, but I think he could have worded himself much better on this one.

    • Citizen

      I can’t imagine anyone else delivering a better “unrehearsed” stand-up response than Dr Paul.

      I know of know one who has his depth of knowledge regarding economics, Dr. Paul is simply the most informed in all of Congress.

      Dr Paul should be the next US Treasury Secretary, where he could STOP the FED money machine cold.

  • tehcexymeowmix

    better being under german control than chinese imo

  • roseagain2

    Damn he’s good! Ron Paul rEVOLution! Even Steve had to laugh at Bernanke!!

  • prosandkhans

    Vote Ron Paul- thumbs this up if you agree!

  • campaign4liberty

    Run Ron Run
    Dr Ron Paul Hope for America!
    info at Daily Paul and Liberty Poet

  • CreativeMessage

    OUTSOURCING causes unemployment. Call att&t about your phone bill and you’re speaking to someone in India. Ease regulations for NON CORPORATE business. Small business owners in this country get slammed. Instead keep sending jobs overseas. Land of the free. pfft.