Rand Paul’s Book “The Tea Party Goes to Washington”

If the midterm elections were a declaration of war on the status quo, Rand Paul leads the battle charge. Voters fearful of growing government and debt have found voice in the Tea Party phenomenon and the movement continues to deliver a message that Washington, D.C. has found impossible to ignore.

In The Tea Party Goes to Washington, the newly elected senator and self-described “constitutional conservative” explains why his party has to stand by its limited government rhetoric and why the federal government must be stuffed back into its constitutional box. Given the problems our nation faces, these are not mere suggestions, but moral imperatives.

Rand Paul and those who voted for him want to stop borrowing, end the bailouts, and entitlements and the spending. In The Tea Party Goes to Washington you’ll learn:

  • The history of the Tea Party and why it isn’t “extreme”
  • How both parties operate outside the Constitution
  • Rand’s plan for a balanced budget
  • Why the Tea Party will endure

Now is the time to get America back on track– this is the moment of the new revolution that will take us back to our grass roots, to the country of our founding fathers.

It’s a new day in Washington– as the Tea Party graduates from populist outrage to political influence, Rand Paul stands poised to become one of its greatest champions.

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  • New Ron Paul Chant

    With the onset of the 2012 Primary election cycle about to begin, we Ron Paul Supporters need to squelch our opposition.

    I propose spreading the message of a new Ron Paul Chant. Currently, we chant Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Over and over again.

    In CPAC 2011, our opposition began chanting USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! In order to counter-chant us. This basic counter-chant insinuates (or better still, further insinuates) that Ron Paul and Ron Paul supporters are Anti-American.

    We need to either steal the counter-chant (USA!) thereby leaving our opposition to think of something else to counter-chant us and at the same time bring the cognitive association that Ron Paul and Ron Paul supports are more American than those who oppose us, or we need to use another chant. An alternative chant could be Ron Paul, USA! Ron Paul, USA! Ron Paul, USA! Ron Paul, USA! Ron Paul, USA! Ron Paul, USA!

    So Ron Paul supporters, how about it? What are your thoughts? Use USA! Chant or Ron Paul, USA! Chant?


  • Lindsey Brutus

    Rand Paul is a man among boys!!!

  • Lynne Miller

    I just heard about the two schools in Texas who are getting a substantial amount of grant funds from the Fed. Gov. to teach Arabic in two schools without the parents even knowing. Excuse give is that this will be the language of the future. SINCE WHEN ARE WE NOT GOING TO SPEAK ENGLISH IN ARMERICA. this type of waste needs to be looked into and gotten rid of especially when we can not even feed our poor what makes them think we need to spend on two schools to learn a muslim language. What a rip off of tax dollars.