Ron Paul 2012: Will He Run? Can He Win?

Ron Paul appeared on three different shows today to discuss his groundbreaking CPAC victory and his plans for 2012.

CNN American Morning:

MSNBC’s Morning Joe:

CNBC’s Kudlow Report:


  • 6Alpha69Beta6

    Presidential Elections I meant

  • 6Alpha69Beta6

    LOL so you ugly pathetics think he has a chance? …. Nerds and pencil neck geeks can’t win elections in the United States…..Comprende Dickheads? Why do you leftists support Paul? He wants to end the Department of Education….and everything else….

  • MaLeVoLeNcE13

    Is this girl being a bitch and trying to cut him down the whole time or is it me?

  • AesirV

    TRIPLED IN AFGHANISTAN!! Is that true!??

  • quidnick

    Ron paul is more black than Obama.

  • swift562


  • CelticMusician71

    Donald Duck Trump is a pure goof and disgrace to the CPAC!

  • ProgressiveInAmerica

    Ron Paul should be sent to gitmo for hate speech!

    • lg

      and you should be in a psych ward for your crazy speech!

  • ella5024

    Please look at MK Ultra, Operation New Phoenix/Monarch. Ron Paul’s friends are involved in this program.

  • I think we have more simularities than differances!

  • Bob

    Do you know that in Germany, 10% is taken from what you earn and given to the catholic church.
    It is also interesting that Germany will probably purchase the American stock exchange.
    How and why and if, did they go broke? Is it the truth.

  • and you are an idiot.. he is not an isolationist at all you just don’t understand.

  • shaunmason220

    Ron Paul has a great shot. People are getting tired of the war, but the big thing is the economy. When the dollar starts to crash, that will wake people up I guarantee it.

  • yes I agree! I think that underscores another issue, the propaganda that our only need is consumption, that even our democracy consists of capital power rather than numbers of people. It’s spread when we’re always reminded to maximize consumption, to fear or distrust alternative energy, to dismiss the reality that our wants are unlimited but the earth’s resources are not. the government is just the executive board of the elites, who are truly rabid, obsessive “consumers”.

  • Gioxtream



  • It’s nice to have an intelligent exchange of words!
    I’m all for a good defence, but when it extends to of shore it seems to me as more of an offence.
    I like your usage of the word consumes!! I’ve been really offended being called a consumer.
    Webster defines a consumer as a person or thing that destroys, uses up, or waste things. Clearly this fits the federal government more than people since they regulate everything as it is.

  • Gioxtream

    DONALD TRUMP SPEAKS AND MOVE HIS MOUTH LIKE HE WANTS TO SUCK COCK. Pay atention to it.He speaks like a fagot.

    Sorry MR. TRump…YOu got Fired…and we all know THat the Media is trying to hide Ron Paul…The more they hide him ..the more i want to know about him.

    Trumps want to run this country as a corporation…I think is wrong. The soverany is not for sale. Sorry.

  • that is truly unbelievable, one could certainly understand your first-hand disillusionment with Reagan. it’s clear the military-industrial complex not only wreaks havoc on the world, but consumes a significant part of domestic materials and research that could otherwise be going towards useful innovations. that is precisely why I vote for Ron Paul, if we cut back the monstrous military budget and close the foreign bases, we might be able to invest at home again.

  • bytemeNWO

    I’m convinced that only good hearted people back Ron Paul… Glad to be a part of it with those who do.

  • bytemeNWO

    I love the feeling that I get inside when Ron Paul speaks! Im in love, literally, with his views and how he delivers them. Butterflies and all! I’m not kidding either. I am a better patriotic American because of him. He is awesome! RON PAUL 2012!