Ron Paul 2012: Will He Run? Can He Win?

Ron Paul appeared on three different shows today to discuss his groundbreaking CPAC victory and his plans for 2012.

CNN American Morning:

MSNBC’s Morning Joe:

CNBC’s Kudlow Report:


  • Am I brainwashed? I just realized I clicked thumbs up before even watching the video lol.

  • darius2025tube

    Am I brainwashed? I just realized I clicked thumbs up before even watching the video lol.

  • JBBlitz

    Obama is a Jihadist and Ron Paul is an Anarchist.

  • 40milestare

    He;s got my Democratic vote..

  • backatone000

    hail DR RON PAUL

  • ironmantis25

    this guy makes sense

  • TorontoLibertarian

    If Paul made it as far as being the Republican candidate, he’d crush Obama.

  • TorontoLibertarian

    Ron Paul > Trump

  • smartification1

    Even though I’m a democrat I do like Ron Paul. I wonder what his stance is on corporate for profit prisons and forced car insurance? If I work to pay off a car it is not a privelege to drive it. It is my right. Insurance in general is a rip off backed by corporate science fiction.

  • UniteForgetLeftRight

    if ron paul went on a debate with obama he would crush obama, people actually watching the debate instead of the synopsis on fox or msnbc would ensure his victory

  • RainbowManification

    Lets put Paul in the White House in 2012.

  • RainbowManification

    If Ron Paul doesn’t run then I think its time to pick up our guns and head to Washington to take our country back.

  • burkey218

    Ron Paul is a great sounding man and I am a big fan of his ideas. Make his presidential election happen America !

  • h82sk8

    Ron can’t but, Rand Could!

    Trump was soo wrong!

  • kommisar

    I gave you a thumbs up for that.

    Funny how Obama was considered the anti-war guy during the 2008 election. Just goes to show the establishment parties are two cuts from the same cloth.

  • mfiorell

    I’m a friggin Social Democrat and I would take this guy over Obama

  • ProgressiveInAmerica

    Ron Poop is only electable in Iran. My ass could beat Ron Poopyface Paul in a landslide!

  • xsithos

    so good! Go Ron Paul!! YEAH!! Obama goin down! Dr. Paul in da house!!

  • crazymonkey186

    i hope he runs… i also like his stance on marijuana

  • ProgressiveInAmerica

    Even Barack Obama is a Pro-War Pro-American as far left as he is. Ron Poop is a far left radical who poops out his penis.

    • Nevets

      The fact that ProgressiveInAmerica is the only one with anything bad to say about Ron Paul is a credit to Ron. It proves that morons are the only people against him.