Ron Paul 2012: Will He Run? Can He Win?

Ron Paul appeared on three different shows today to discuss his groundbreaking CPAC victory and his plans for 2012.

CNN American Morning:

MSNBC’s Morning Joe:

CNBC’s Kudlow Report:


  • ayhr86

    Ron paul supporters= brainwashed anti-war immature college kids

  • numbas3000

    i just realized the reason i like ron paul so much is he looks like and talks like timthy Leary, but less trippy

  • dontblockmedk

    Ron Paul will run because win or lose he is putting out info that is important.

    “Money/market” is ROOT of problems, how do we:

    1. stop corruption caused by profit motive?

    2. ensure everyone has minimum necessities?

    1. FREELY Share ALL resources & knowledge worldwide, NO more money/property

    2. Use LATEST technology to create an ABUNDANCE of all our needs, NO more waste/theft

    3. Automate/localize ALL production and distribution, NO more central control/wage slavery


  • dawgg981

    I’d vote for him

  • JBBlitz

    Ron Paul is another messiah campaigner like Obama.

  • wowwow180


  • TheMango121

    Ron paul is the ONLY conservative that can beat Obama… Thats just fact

  • jimk5447

    I hope ron paul runs. Like he said End the war, what are we even in iraq for? They dont want us there so let’s bring our troops home. Secure our borders which obama doesn’t care about and has said that pretty much by stoping the arizona bill and ignoring the problem. AIRLINES CAN PAT PEOPLE DOWN HEAD TO TOE BUT POLICE CANNOT CHECK PEOPLES IMMIGRATION STATUS IF PULLED OVER
    FOR A TRAFFIC VIOLATION, stop foreign aid fix the usa economy first, when will he announce if running or not anybody know?

  • MrWakethesheeple

    How much are you paid per hour for this?

  • MrWakethesheeple

    ‘Progressive’ is obviously a paid troll. FEMA probably pays him $10 per hour spreading disinfo against Ron Paul. It’s OK everyone has to make a living, including traitors.

  • MrWakethesheeple

    Obama is a representative of Zionist corporations and bankers. Ron Paul is a useful idiot who will make citizens want to lose all the government protections that at least partially protect them.

  • MrWakethesheeple

    I’m a Ron Paul supporter but you ask a darn good question. Hopefully military and entitlements spending would decrease enough that there would be some cash left. Also states could tax their citizens to provide for those in need.

  • jimk5447

    I support ron paul but ive got a question if people only pay 10% and dont ask for government help what happens if a person loses there job or some situation like that.

    • Robert Firestone

      Thats where charity from family, friends, and church comes in. Before welfare thats how America took care of their citizens. If people werent paying such high taxes there would be more money to help out others in need. It helps bring back society where family is the core and not government hand outs.

      Just from your comment it shows that most of the population as become dependent on the welfare system and forgot what we did before we had welfare programs.

      Next hopefully while you were working you invested and saved up enough for a rainy day in case you do become injured or unemployed. It all comes down to personal responsibility to take care of yourself and family and not the government. Dave Ramsey talks about this as well. (

  • tankman1962

    for the sake of the world i hope he stands and i am british

  • elfkind1

    Obama wouldn’t know what to do in a 1 on 1 confrontation with Ron Paul. He’d run back home to Chicago with his tail between his legs before a debate could be scheduled 😉

  • JBBlitz

    Paul VS Obama battle of the messiah political propaganda campaign, who ever is more stupid and less brainwashing loses.

  • 411American

    Impossible to have the elite SELECT Ron Paul as he is over qualified and cannot con i mean pimp the American prostitutes.

  • smartification1

    he did not call Obama a war monger.

  • Ron Paul is another lier playing the messiah propaganda just like Obama, i am voting for someone who is real, no a fake delusional fairy.

  • JBBlitz

    Ron Paul another Phony, no plans to cut taxes, cut spending and reduce size of goverment, just another Obama the Messiah political propaganda campaign. he will betray and be bought off like the rest. nobody is perfect, but Romney has actually done those things in his own state, not to a dream level, but to a decent level, i am voting for someone who is real and not a fake dreamer.