Ron Paul 2012: Will He Run? Can He Win?

Ron Paul appeared on three different shows today to discuss his groundbreaking CPAC victory and his plans for 2012.

CNN American Morning:

MSNBC’s Morning Joe:

CNBC’s Kudlow Report:


  • nathanmckenzie0538

    If he runs I’m definitely voting for him. We should have voted him into office in 2008, hopefully the media gives him some credit this time around.

  • surfer53

    This guy is great. So consistent. He’s saying everything about Obama that he said about Bush. For every time Obama and Bush have given Americans more freedom, they’ve taken away freedom in another area. Liberals and Conservatives are the same. They just have difference exceptions to personal or economic freedom on the basis of their own perception of morality. You know, lawyers and politicians trying to create a moral society. That’s going to work.

  • xAngelsOfHellx

    My god that red line is like going through his head

  • skatepunkzero

    Ron Paul, you and Your Son better Run
    I will Vote for you

  • JT9685

    If only America could wake up, listen, and care! I do however think that it is fair to say we have begun to pull wake up to the mess we are entrenched in, and slowly but surely I believe the FREEDOM movement will prevail, I just hope I get a chance to bare witness!

  • JT9685

    Once again the MSM focuses the entire conversation on meaningless bullshit, fortunately Dr. Paul knows better now and still uses his time to get his message across clearly and confidently without any hint of the usual meaningless blabber and rhetoric spewed out from almost EVERY other politician.

  • se7ensnakes

    You bike has a broken wheel. You get on the bike and you fall. But you get right back and you fall. How many times do you need to fall before you realize that you need to fix the wheel. How many times do we need to economically burst before we realize that the income-tax-fractional-reserve-federal-reserve system that we have just dont work, and it is being prop-up by people that are making trillions.

  • kingnek

    Are u ready for the revolution?

  • tryptala

    Ron Paul comes through true because he doesn’t dodge questions or use his answers to divert the conversation to some other vague issue entirely as almost every other politician does so they can slip in some pat slogan like “hope and change.” For instance, in this interview, when asked about China, it sounded for a moment that he was going to run off strictly into a tirade against monetary policy, but no, listen, he brings it right back to a direct answer to the question. Paul is unique in this.

  • 411American

    None of you get it – The DemocRATRepubliCON party is one of the same and Obama is the prostitutes PIMP selected to office by the FED .
    America you been spit ,slapped and shit on and it’s been to long and to late to stop them from killing innocent kids and families . America is the only terrorists cartel that kills its own people and blames it on others- Wake up America your under siege being taken by Obama warmongers from the inside out.

  • dwall57

    okay, i like ron paul, but this “10% opt out thing”….no way it would ever work:

    people will receive benefits from taxes no matter if they pay or not (think of roads, postal services, clean water).

    taxes are effective because they pool large sums of money, which allows services to be subsidized. opting out will lower this effect and make it way more expensive for the rest.

  • 190dennis190

    I tell you, if they can change they sound on the winning of Ron Paul.. don’t you think they can change the voting machines.. think about it..

  • DeusVenator

    As much as I would love to see Ron Paul in the White House… just won’t happen and any vote in 2012 for such is just a waste.

    Ask 100 people what a “Paulie” is or even who Ron Paul is. You’ll get 95 “huhs?”
    Ask 100 ……………………”Tea Partier” is……’ll get an answer from 95 of them, whether it’s the correct answer will obviously vary.

  • DeusVenator

    You Paulies will look back 20 years from now and realize you missed a good opportunity to break the Rupublican’t parties back-just join the Tea Party. It’s a start in the right direction, it’s far more effective to affect change in increments. Lemmings are afraid of BIG changes, it’s BASIC human nature to fear change. Like moving or changing your job or getting married…..Drastic change will NEVER happen in the USA unless a Nuke pops off in D.C.

  • appletylercj

    check out my new Ron Paul video!!! $754,000 raised for Ron Paul on presidents day 2011!!!

  • wowwow180



  • DennyDucet


  • FlyingFish112

    The gentleman president!

    Remember those America?

  • NCIcaucus

    Screw Donald Chump and his hair!

  • MrDeppness

    The interviewer was pretty sexy, but not very with it.

    Ron Paul’s supporters are WAY beyond 2%. More like 10% who are fearless, 10% who will jump on after the first 10% and an additional 60–70% who will vote for him if they knew what he truly stands for and actually studied history.Those last 10–20% who would still be against him would be fringe and after something. Probably CEOs, career politicians and lobbyists.