Ron Paul: Congress Won’t Stop Spending until the Dollar Fails

Ron Paul explains why the new Congress is the same as the old when it comes to budget deficits and overspending. He also speculates as to why an overwhelming majority of the Tea Party Caucus came out in favor of extending the PATRIOT Act.

Date: 02/16/2011


  • MrGottabefree

    Wow, isnt it great to hear a politician speaking the truth! Cant say I’ve ever heard of Ron Paul telling a B/S story for his own political gain. Everybody needs to get behind him this time. We literally cant afford 4 more years of this craziness…GO RON PAUL

  • OvergrowDaGovernment

    and then keep doing it

  • OvergrowDaGovernment

    I say start calling him Pres Ron Paul
    and don’t stop till he is

  • WtfListen2

    Pray for Mr Paul keep him save lord.

  • IloveJesusYesId0

    This I’ll watch!

  • Damon R. Huffman

    If it can’t continue it has to stop! All of this has to be by design, no one can be that stupid! The Banksters will destroy the US dollar, (screw all of the lenders by paying them with worthless paper) implode the Bond Market (again screw all of the lenders by making the paper worthless) and make trillions of… worthless paper. Maybe they will have another currency that can retain its value??? Gold/Silver. I hope it happens sooner rather than later. I will feel bad for the people that worked their entire lives and then get cheated out of everything they have worked for at the end of the trail and for the poor who are going to starve to death because of the price of food. Ignorance is really the problem! If people really knew what the Federal Reserve does, they wouldn’t let it continue. Just think… they can create money out of thin air, charge interest and then not pay any taxes on that income. I really think we would be just fine without any government and no government taxes. I am pretty sure I can govern myself. By the way what do all of those goverment worker really do???

  • DigitalDogg21

    Ron Paul for president 2012!

  • tj

    The best thing to happen to this country will be bankruptcy…do not raise the debt ceiling…stop borrowing …cut spending drastically, sell federal property…land, buildings, vehicles, furniture, paper clips….pay off as much debt as possible…monetize the entitlements and phase them out…and default on the rest of the debt….
    end the fed, allow interest rates to rise drastically…as they would if the rates were under a free market….and with higher interest rates, REAL savings and investments will occur
    it really is that simple…tj

  • MrAnubis1988

    They are taking pledges for 100 dollars to support Ron Paul’s campaign in 2012. Their goal is to get 100,000 pledges for 100 each for a total of 10,000,000 dollars for campaign support. If Ron Paul has 10,000,000 dollars for his campaign, there is no way he will lose, considering he already has a 41 percent approval rating, which compares to Obama’s 42 percent.

    To pledge to donate 100 dollars when Ron Paul confirms he is running, go to

    runronpaul . com

    Copy and paste this around the web.

    • lg

      I don’t have $100.00 to give, but I am going to donate something to his money bomb on President’s Day – he just started Libertypac to gauge support for a 2012 presidential Ron. Please note this is Ron’s official pac.

      So, if you really want Ron to run go to on President’s day and donate whatever you can. Some people are donating $20.12 to show him support.



    the tea party reps have drunk from the waters of the swamp of DC and have become
    traitors to the cause…they ALL need to be ridiculed and dissed for betraying the trust of the voters.. if we don’t get their attention right NOW this country WILL go through a period of chaos NEVER seen anywhere ..and it will be the fault of the Tea Party elected reps..for they alone can STOP the out of control spending..NOW RIGHT NOW..

  • 1Nitewalker

    Ron Paul / Gary Johnson 2012!!!!!

  • goldcurrent1

    Sign Ron’s petition to run in 2012. Takes only a second. DO IT NOW!

  • Nothingizm

    I’m buying a Ron Paul hoodie. It’s on zazzle. It has a Ron Paul 2012 logo on the front left side, and on the upper back it says “Ron Paul for President 2012” spread the word guys!!! We need to win in 2012!!

  • crazeyspivey

    Dollar is going to collapse….not a matter of “IF’, but only “WHEN”. Replace fiat dollars for SILVER now while you still can……tic-toc, tic-toc…..time is running out.

  • cookeladoo

    I see no hope for you lot, and can’t blame Ron if he does not want to run for President. The country will likely collapse within this or the next presidency at the rate it is going and even if Ron is the top man he will be helpless against the Bi-Partisan Congress. Pack your bags and move on while you can.




    I get teary eyed whenever I hear Ron Paul speak—–if we can’t get ron in 2012 america is finished

  • Toroa28


  • collosalchris

    Great One!!!! Run Dr. Paul!

  • beldapriest

    Just wait till robots come along. Automation is the real problem here, but nobody wants to hear that.

    • BlackOp

      Automation is not a problem, if its productive that is good thing. It called capital investment, better tools. Otherwise destroy capital and have more workers work on jobs taking longer time, costing the business even more money than it did prior to advances. Another-words you are going back in time, the exact opposite of real progress. The problem you aren’t addressing is the unproductive workforce that is artificially restrained from work and employers forbidden to hire, the state crowding out. The solution is a free market, no barriers to entry. Just because there are less jobs in an area and machines taking over doesn’t mean the rest of the labor has no alternatives.