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America is dying and it needs a DOCTOR to save it! A REAL doctor, not a president who wants government to take over healthcare! Not only that, but America needs a president who understands Austrian economics and sound money; a president who is ready to take on the Federal Reserve system and rein in their dangerous and destructive policies. Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson ended the First and Second Banks of the United States – Show America you want Ron Paul to end the Third! Donate $20.12 (or whatever you can afford) to Ron Paul’s LibertyPAC.

America needs a fiscally-responsible president who is ready to tackle the debt crisis and runaway government spending by cutting wasteful programs, irresponsible policies (like the War on Drugs) and reforming our foreign policy by ending the unsustainable wars we are involved in as well as bringing our troops home from over 700 bases around the world and shutting most (if not all) of those bases down instead of using them to police over 130 countries.

Let’s show Ron Paul that we want him not only to speak for US on stage during the 2012 presidential debates, but also to make the banksters and warmongers shudder at their desks with a credible, well-funded and decisive run for the presidency!

Donate to Ron Paul’s official LibertyPAC!

Ron Paul 2012 – for Liberty, Prosperity and Peace!

Ron Paul sent out the following letter to announce the official Presidents’ Day money bomb:

Dear Supporter,

A great man was born 279 years ago.

George Washington was a freedom fighter, a leader, and one of our greatest Presidents. But, much of General Washington’s greatness was marked not by what he did, but by what he chose not to do.

He could have been a King.

Instead, he stood for Liberty and stepped aside after eight years, allowing our young Republic to grow into the greatest nation in Human history.

2012 offers our movement a tremendous opportunity. Our nation is beset with crippling debt, an out of control federal government, and a foreign policy that weakens our national defense and isolates us from the world.

But with hard work and determination, we can change course and turn our country back toward Liberty and all of its rewards.

Quite frankly, we need to elect a President in 2012 who will do a lot less: less meddling in the economy, less spending, less warrantless ransacking, less bailing out of Wall Street, less inflating, and less foreign aid and overseas intervention.

We need a President who will respect our Constitution, not someone who simply pays lip service to our traditions.

Because I want a President who does so much less, a lot of people ask me if this means I want a weak President.

My answer is “No!” I want a strong President – a President like George Washington.

I want a President strong enough NOT to take power he should not have.

It is no secret that I am weighing my personal political options for 2012, and that I am relying on Liberty PAC to fund my efforts while I make important decisions.

Monday, February 21st, is Presidents’ Day, which celebrates George Washington’s birthday, and we hope to make it one to remember.

On Monday, Liberty PAC will host its first-ever Money Bomb. Please mark it on your calendar and consider contributing. If we all come together and pitch in, we can take our country back from the statists that are stealing our Liberty and shredding our Constitution.

The next few months will be critical to ensuring a successful political operation for the 2012 cycle. I hope you will join me by making this Presidents’ Day, February 21st, truly special.

For Liberty,

Donate to Ron Paul’s official LibertyPAC on Monday, February 21st, 2011, during the Presidents’ Day Ron Paul 2012 Money Bomb!


  • EisenhauerMichael

    i am donating and passing along the word to thousands!

  • Foster

    You need a donate button on an obvious spot on the website. Been looking for 5 minutes now and can’t find where to donate.

  • lilweezyana2010

    366,000 at 10:19

    and im putting in $10 come on everone

  • 1776Rosco

    I have and will vote for Dr. Paul!! Ron Paul 2012!

  • campaign4liberty

    Run Ron Run
    Dr Ron Paul ONLY Hope for America!
    info at Daily Paul and Liberty Poet

  • skipabeat03

    can non-americans donate?

  • hpprinter12345

    I donated

  • Connect2Homes

    $352,000 at 9 am

  • trutherb

    The truth is finally catching on, the snowball has started. Chip in a couple bucks and get Ron Paul to run.

  • im4liberty

    I just made my first donation for Ron Paul to run in2012. Ron Paul is best man to run for President in my lifetime (I am 70). Ron Paul is the only candidate who consistently supports liberty and respects the Constitution.

  • pigwigpa

    They are all working for the same group and that’s not you and me. Every last one of those jerk are bought a paid for by multi national corporations. Remember ” he who has the gold makes the rules.. news…laws”

  • RedOnyxProductions

    Ron Paul 2012! The R3VOLUTION continues!

  • theneedledictator

    I donated.

  • coupelikeacaravan

    Keep it coming!

  • Nexus974

    I donated.

  • DominoChild

    Whats the name of that song playing in the background?

  • phongle123

    I’m all the way down in Australia and willing to donate to an American politician . That’s got to say something about this man.

  • ally4free1

    i dont have much money but hell i donated 20.12 to send a message…any one who realy cares about your freedom should do the same

  • HDtruth

    The Money Bomb is for him to raise money so he can see how much support there is for him to run in 2012 and to see where he stands financially to decide if it’s possible or not. This Money Bomb is an effort to basically draft Ron Paul for the Presidential election in 2012. To the guy who was concerned because he never heard of the site before… well it’s Ron Paul’s official PAC. Donating to Campaign for Liberty is great, but those donations won’t go to Ron Paul’s presidential run. So please, if you want Ron Paul to run in 2012, PLEASE show your support and donate to on Monday! Even if you’re broke, just donate $5! The more people who show their support the better the chances are that he’ll run!

  • ROW1230

    Ron paul needs to win for the sake of america