Ron Paul’s Opt-Out Offer: Pay 10% to Get the Government Off Your Back?

Ron Paul joined the discussion on “Stossel” to explain his “opt-out offer” to the American people, where individuals could choose to opt out and get the government off their backs for the rest of their lives by simply paying 10% of their incomes. Additional topics include criticism and misrepresentation of Ron Paul’s message, the problem of coercion, and various questions from the audience.

  • Juillpoff

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  • I’ve said that least 4860782 times. SCK was here

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  • govttithe

    Ron please present a full listing of items you include in the 10% opt out.

    Is property tax in there?
    Removing property tax changes my living situation dramatically.

  • free market people free market. if the government dont pay, and all the poor and middle class cant pay and wont go the college will have to drop their price to attract more people. colleges are a businesses too you know.

  • free market people free market. if the government dont pay, and all the poor and middle class cant pay and wont go the college will have to drop their price to attract more people. colleges are a businesses too you know.

  • If the Government stopped giving student loans… the Universities would cut the tuition in half almost over night. No one would go if they didn’t.

  • I don’t think loans should be considered equal to “hand outs”. You pay them back. And what about private loans? Private student loans are often sold to the government. Mine was. And there is no way anyone could pay for school now by working during the summer or even the whole year. I realize he means the price would go down but it wouldn’t. These kids have to go to school now, not in the theoretical future.

  • I have been for a flat tax since I first heard of the concept in the early seventies. That being said, I am now 64 yrs. old and retired. I have been paying slave taxes all of my life especially into Social Security which I always expected to get back when I retired.
    Although I receive a small pention and medical insurance, I still need Social Security for my wife and I to live on.
    I am no longer capable of returning to work. I loved my job but my body is just able to do the things that I used to do.
    If I could have opted out when I was in my twenties, then I wouldn’t need Social Security but I couldn’t do that then and now I just plain need the Social Security payments.

    • reasonandliberty

      You have a very valid point. The money you’ve put in must be given back. A removal of Social Security would not overlook the money you’ve put in. You would get refunded.

  • eugkra34

    Ron Paul can’t win… because the election is rigid. There are trillions of dollars at stake, you think fascist government currently (fascism = merger of state and corporations) is going to let him win?


  • NICE!

  • NICE!

  • adulby

    stop forcing your neighbor to pay for your dinner.

  • lkeve

    My goodness, what a GREAT MAN! Ron Paul 2012!

  • So if someone isn’t responsible enough to save their own money then I should have my hard earned money stolen from me and given to them? If they can’t make money then they should go begging, churches and charities have been filling that need for some time. Ron Paul is calling for a VOLUNTARY ss system. If you want to contribute and have it doled back to you later go ahead. But don’t FORCE me to join your ponzi scheme o.k.?

  • If we set all of the “no victim” offenders (like all those locked up for drug possession, prostitution etc.) free then we would have more then enough revenue to keep the real criminals locked up.