Ron Paul’s Opt-Out Offer: Pay 10% to Get the Government Off Your Back?

Ron Paul joined the discussion on “Stossel” to explain his “opt-out offer” to the American people, where individuals could choose to opt out and get the government off their backs for the rest of their lives by simply paying 10% of their incomes. Additional topics include criticism and misrepresentation of Ron Paul’s message, the problem of coercion, and various questions from the audience.

  • Ayess2008

    The whole point of opting out is to get away from programs that are not covered specifically by your constitution, especially education and health care. I think Dr Paul was quite clear in pointing out that basic civil defense would be covered. When you take the time to study this proposal – very similar to Forbes’ flat tax a few years ago – then you can really start to see the benefits. If you kept 90% of your income, then you could certainly afford a very good health insurance.


  • Ayess2008

    I really wish the western world would start to use their brains for rational thinking because it would be inevitable to come to the same conclusions that Dr. Ron Paul comes to so easily. Unfortunately we live in a brain washed society where free thinking people are few and far between and the brainwashed masses think sitcoms are more important than their personal freedoms.

  • tikijane

    Brilliant! I’d sign up in a heartbeat!

  • chriscr123

    Whenever Ron Paul is attacked by the media or just an everyday run of the mill republican or democrat, I feel like he is my grandfather and I want to defend his honor…

  • 6Churches

    Does that mean you must opt-out of voting?

  • LTGOneill

    Sorry Paul, this is stupid, if you pay 0% then you can say I wont take any benefits, but if I pay any money, I expect benefits. I’d counter by suggesting two alternatives: 1) a flat rate 25% and get 100% free education and 100% free medical care across the board or 2) what may work best is opting into individual benefits by contributing the portion corresponding to each, this lets citizens control what they support and what they use.

    • Libertarian777

      since you’re suggesting free education and free healthcare
      how about free cars
      or free houses
      or free food
      or free clothing

      who decides what’s free? who decides who gets what’s free? everyone gets free everything? for only 25% flat tax.

      yes you have good intentions. yes you ‘only’ have 2 things you want free. But those 2 will become 5 and those 5 will become 10, and eventually you’re in the same situation we’re in now where we’re funding farm subsidies for corn ethanol that’s not ‘green’ by any means. Corn ethanol uses oil based fertilizers, along with an inefficient crop (cane sugar is more efficient for ethanol) to produce a non-competitive fuel that damages car engines.

      your point 2. is exactly a free market. no ‘opt-in’ necessary. to ‘opt-in’ into something you PAY for it with the money you’ve earned. Free market competition keeps the price low.
      Yes you couldn’t afford the kindle or the iPad, yes Amazon and Apple have made billions of revenue off of them. But what’s happened? a plethora of ereaders and tablet computers are now available at cheaper prices. The free market for services will work the same, if only it was given a chance.

  • Carmine2881

    2. c es cr. ht m

    check out article 13 whooo rawwwww

  • uturniaphobic

    it’s a good idea 10%, people keeping more money will change social dynamics to the better, meaning more self reliance and less government oversight. stronger local communities would probably come from this

  • avariceichiban

    See your insurance agent. Get higher limits of liability on your auto, get Aflac supplemental health, get long term care insurance. That will take care of your critical illness or major accidents. You do not need Uncle Sam to protect you from the possibility of future bankruptcy. Uncle Sam encourgages bankruptcy by providing lots of cheap credit so that people are opening themselves a big hole by living paycheck to paycheck with no money left for proper insurance protection.

  • nordahl154

    I love Ron, but this idea is just stupid.

  • yourtube20061

    i dont think that many ppl would be so responsible. They want to be taken care of.

  • mmsayre

    the user fee system works wonderfully in Singapore

  • Maplesyrup41

    kind of a very stupid plan no offense :\

  • borisbmx

    Ron Paul is sensational

  • ExposedPost

    how about we pay 0% of our income and be able to Opt-Out of all government intrusion of our lives?

  • PistolPackingPatriot

    No. Hell no. 10% is still 10% too much. “Those would exchange a little liberty for a little security deserve neither.” I will not compromise. A compromise is a loss. But I still love ya’, Ron.

  • werbelloff

    hah, to call all these niggers who believe they cant get anywhere in life unless govt helps them sad, is putting it lightly 😉

  • captkirkconnell

    We can not do this Ron, because the economy would improve so much that the Government would collect the same amount of revenue because corporations would be making so much more money – because the corporations would still be paying taxes. So this idea just makes too much CENTS- Chaos is Profit for the drug pushers and Bomb makers and FOX CNN PR machine..

  • Pledius

    omg I can’t find a full show for this one. If anyone knows link to this particular stossel show for fullshow, please reply or pm to me thanks

  • piecharthosen

    I invest 10% of my income just to invest it. I would trade twice that just to get rid of the government