Ron Paul’s Opt-Out Offer: Pay 10% to Get the Government Off Your Back?

Ron Paul joined the discussion on “Stossel” to explain his “opt-out offer” to the American people, where individuals could choose to opt out and get the government off their backs for the rest of their lives by simply paying 10% of their incomes. Additional topics include criticism and misrepresentation of Ron Paul’s message, the problem of coercion, and various questions from the audience.

  • MrWakethesheeple

    ‘Progressive’ politics were created by and for the corporate elite. Big government programs put the government in debt to the bankers. These bankers thereby gain control over the nation by financing, and gaining interest, on the debt. That is why bankers support warfare/welfare candidates like FDR, Obama, Bush and other big government spenders.

    Also if you study anti-trust law and the Federal Reserve, it was all designed to consolidate corporate looting. Up your game.


  • SolarShip2010

    So when you get in an accident and have no health insurance you want everyone else to pay for it, or you want the ambulance driver to have to decide wether you should be taken to hospital or not, and then you or your family will sue the ambulance driver and the hospital and the government for not treating the person.

    Then you want to close down public schools, so that America produces hardly any scientists, doctors, engineers, and we have to hire them from other countries.

    Ron Paul is mad.

    • BlackOp

      The notion that only the territorial coercive monopoly of pre-emptive aggression, aka the state can only provide X with “force” is insane. You are appealing to fear, authority, and tradition. You know slavery was also argued for with your logic.

  • nicoSF5

    Saudi Arabia has no income tax and all their revenue comes from oil. Why can’t we just build our industry and trade to make up that revenue? Yes this would mean that business still pay a tax and some businesses would be government run. But my point here is that enough government revenue can be generated from other places instead of taxing the citizens. 10% is reasonable. Long live Ron Paul!

  • ExposedPost

    misspelled opinion

    • thomas

      Who in ell cares about the spelling. Did you understand the point?

  • thefakeyeti

    “20 year olds aren’t responsible enough to opt out”
    1. I am 22 and I am saving up for retirement.
    2. I do have a feeling a lot of my friends WOULDN’T be responsible enough, I say let um fail!

  • CelticMusician71

    The people who dislike this are naive and must love Government control and intrusion. To those who dislike, please move to North Korea.

    • hs

      We all have opinions and in a free society open dialog is essential, not just the dialog that we deem necessary or fits our views. I listen to many opinions that don’t change my views but regardless i’m still open to listening and i’m respectful. Be thankful for diversity of minds otherwise we could all be Hitler’s or globalists.

  • ryderc69

    OPM-Our Planet Matters (summer 08) 1.Alternative powered farming resources tackle climate, energy,poverty and water in one 2 a non-social professional network for public and gov to work local to global witch started town halls and tea party “Public options”= Bundle deal like internet phone and cable but instead house power car and insurances in one witch is why “right” called it a socialist plot and everything is so simular to what I suggested back in sumr08 when my framework was stolenfrom me?

  • MrWakethesheeple

    Progressive: If you want to attack freedom haters go picket your local Federal Reserve branch. They destroyed the US Constitution given to us by God and now the government is owned by the bankers. You are not a man unless you stand up to these people.

  • MrWakethesheeple

    Osama bin Laden was financed, trained and weaponized by the CIA. Same with Saddam Hussein. Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the two countries where the 9/11 terrorists came from, get almost 4 billion dollars per year from the US and it is WEALTHY PEOPLE from those countries that attacked us. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Foxnews has brainwashed you. Try a detox diet free of fluoridated water, meat and drugs. Take care and best wishes on preserving the remnants of your brain.

  • MrWakethesheeple

    Nazi Germany and Communist Russia were financed by the Rockefellers and Rothschilds–the two main owners of the Federal Reserve. Man you need to up your game.

  • MrWakethesheeple

    If you scale the income tax back to 10% then yes that money would be used for national defense and other constitutionally delineated purposes of federal government. It would also help tide over those elderly now trapped in the Social Security and Medicaid Ponzi schemes while getting young people out of it.

    • thomas

      what every one does not understand is the user fees would pay for roads, state parks, museums etc. Every time you buy gas or tires you are paying tax. Excise tax. The more you drive the more you pay. Your schools are paid for by property taxes. Some money schools get from the lotto. You participate when you buy. Every one pays sales tax too lets not for get. No force and no threat of being thrown in jail. Is there a problem with that???

  • ExposedPost

    the last comment was for ProgressiveInAmerica

  • ExposedPost

    have you heard him say that he wants to get rid of public property? I’d like you to show that to me, and the claim that you think he is a leader of the KKK. Show ito me! Your just another shill, be on your way, your not worth my time.

  • matt1987401

    America is already is on the path to the Communist Manifesto.Good luck getting the brainwashed sheeple to see.

  • Attila226

    How do you opt out of using things such as public roads and other basic infrastructure?

    • Libertarian777

      1. that’s why there’s a 10% tax. It’s not that we’re completely defunding the government. The government still has to provide what’s allowed per the constitution (e.g. national DEFENSE.. NOT offense).

      2. roads are suppose to be maintained and funded through the tax on gasoline. Don’t you find it interesting you pay both income tax and tax on gasoline for roads and yet the roads you drive still have potholes? where does the money for the roads go to? You’re paying TWICE for roads (sometimes 3 times, if you have to pay a toll as well).

      3. I would love to opt-out of paying for high speed rail that is projected to cost hundreds of billions to be built and tens of billions to maintain. If there was DEMAND for it, there would be no shortage of private investors willing to build high speed rail. Instead we have government mandating that high speed rail is the future. Why have alternative technologies not been investigated? Things that don’t require hundreds of billions? e.g. personalised mass transit (skytran, and a bunch of other similar technologies)? high speed rail works in densely populated areas, hence its success in Japan and China. There are few densely populated areas in the US. The US doesn’t even have 10 cities with 10 million people each.

      4. in future if the government wanted to go to war with Iran, there would be no ‘tax’ for the invasion. They would have to sell war bonds. If you support the US invading Iran, you are welcome to buy all the war bonds in your IRA that you want. Vote with your money. I won’t. I’ll pay my 10% tax for local police and the national guard.

  • ExposedPost

    oops replied to myself again lol

  • ProgressiveInAmerica

    We need to spread the American culture and freedom to every country in the world, and the UN is too pussy to fight terrorism and Islamofascists! We need to make it strong so we can protect our greatest allies like Israel and beat the terrorist scum that Ron Poop smokes weed with!

  • ExposedPost

    misspelled these

  • roxtar10870

    To the kid asking about financial aid at 4:53 …… The way Dr. Paul should have answered that is, “if the government got out of the tuition market, prices would drop quickly and drastically.”

    That poor kid just shows how public school kids are so fed with propaganda and economic misinformation.

  • roxtar10870

    10%??? How’s about 0%, and turn all the stuff that the government does a horrible job at over to the private sector…. While they’re at it, they can give me back every fucking penny that I’ve paid into Social Security since I was 16 and won’t ever see again….. Government is a criminal organization and paying 10% to “keep them off my back” sounds like extortion to me.