Ron Paul’s Opt-Out Offer: Pay 10% to Get the Government Off Your Back?

Ron Paul joined the discussion on “Stossel” to explain his “opt-out offer” to the American people, where individuals could choose to opt out and get the government off their backs for the rest of their lives by simply paying 10% of their incomes. Additional topics include criticism and misrepresentation of Ron Paul’s message, the problem of coercion, and various questions from the audience.

  • “Stossel should have pointed out that guys hatred of young people.”

    I was talking about the guy who wrote the blog, not ron paul.


  • fieldman07

    ron paul sells financial crack to america’s youth”
    Stossel should have pointed out that guys hatred of young people.
    First he did the normal song and dance about how it is impossible for a young person not to blow their money on whores and beer.

    Then he said was that young people have a responsibility go give money to the older generation. So in other words, we are simply money farms to bail out the old fucks who destroyed our economy and put us 15 trillion in debt.

  • nicklasarthur

    those of us who are not numbered are already out with no 10% penalty

  • nicklasarthur

    is this just for slaves who already file a 1040 financial inquisition form every year?

  • SpiritualTruths

    In the Industrial age, not long ago, there was No tax.. The reason we pay so much now, is because we constantly vote into power the least intelligent and most
    incompetent. Then we wonder why?
    Ron Paul seems the only choice.

  • insomniac992

    “Somebody in highschool thinking they can’t get anywhere unless the government takes care of them. That is so sad.” Great quote. Its time people become responsible for themselves.

  • sterling

    the one quote that really won me over to ron paul and its truly how i believe is

    “The price of liberty is far more than simple vigilance. The price includes the integrity to accept complete personal responsibility for our lives, safety, property and welfare. The price that so many find hardest to pay, however, is the integrity to leave everyone else alone to do the same.”-Ron Paul

    how people could disagree with that in thought and action ill never know

    keep up the good work folks

  • nikolayzou

    I understand Ron Paul’s point that the Government does a crap job of supplying welfare services, but I am not convinced that the free market would do a better job at it. If America stopped waring and brought back all the military troop, reduced the army, got ride of the Fed, surly they should have enough money to provide basic medical and welfare system. I mean, what happens if you lose your job and don’t have enough savings?? You will probably steel to survive and that’s not good for society.

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    Also: If anyone is curious as to what Paul would advocate leaving under the government’s jurisdiction, it sounds very similar to what Adam Smith espoused in The Wealth of Nations- aka the most influential book on economics of all time.

  • erudite420

    Ron Paul / Judge Napolitano 2012

    End the Fed

  • DarkReapersGrim

    I would’ve liked to hear more than just 7 minutes of this.

  • Slugg329

    John Stossel looks like Keith Hernandez

  • Jh

    10% flat tax is interesting. A less radical change that interests me is if our tax forms had fields we could check that would specify which federal programs our money would go to. Bad programs would be underfunded and eventually go away, as they should.

  • waterchildtera

    how about i keep what i earn {that’s constitutional}
    and pay tax on what i buy { excise or tariff } not on property , no income tax ,

    • Anthony

      How are we going to fund our military servicemembers?

  • prosandkhans

    I just don’t want it to go to extremes.
    For example: no police? no fire protection? no public schooling? what if someone can’t afford private schools? no civil rights legislation when it comes to employment (equal opportunity employment)? Paying a fee to ride on a road/highway?

    I agree with a lot of Ron Paul’s policies, but not to the extreme that he wants. But I feel that if he is president, he will be able to balance a lot of American policies.

    • tj

      Fire and police departments are legitimate functions of local government…even from a libertarian perspective. And, trust me, if you place education in the market place…it will be affordable and greatly improved. Please do not fear freedom…it works…just look back in history…the greatest escalation of lifestyles, the greatest growth in wealth in mankind,s history occurred during the Gilded Age in American history…the nation went through a Civil War that killed over a half a million men entering the most productive years of their lives…in 1865 the usa was devastated…in less than 50 years, the usa became the richest nation on the face of the earth…How did this happen? FREEDOM


    As promising as this proposal sounds, it would result in a multitude of problems in reality. Essentially, all the productive members of society would “opt-out”, leading to massive deficits in social programs as only their dependents would opt to remain in the system as it stands. Social security, medicare etc. would collapse.

    • Robert Firestone

      Thats a good thing that they would collapse. It would get rid of unwanted programs. People should invest in their own futures anyways instead of depending on social security. Personal freedom along with personal responsibility.

      Families, friends, and churches will come back in to play like they did for 143 years before there was an income tax and welfare will not be needed. Yes there will be an immediate withdrawal symptom such as you see with drug addicts but it will soon be minimized.

  • disabooo

    These insipid discussions always leave out the so-called disabled. According to the insurance companies – thirty percent of us are “disabled”.

    For me, I’ve worked (and paid taxes through the nose) for 38 years, most of the time two or three jobs. Six years ago, I’ve was assaulted in the hospital. I was denied redress ostensibly because of the FDA preemption. As a result of this brutality, I’ve been fired and labeled “disabled”, even though I was doing a great job and even though I’m ineligible for SSDI. This enabled the “health” insurance company to take away my retirement FOREVER, without paying a dime for the physcial damage done to me. Again, there is no legal help. The VR and the SBA have taken away the rest my life savings. Because these illicit actions were done by the government, they are ignored. Because I’m now “po'” and can’t afford “health” insurance, and because of the “health” legislation I’m now a criminal and the government has taken away my SS FOREVER. I’m BARRED from working at any viable job.

    To take away yet another 10% from me, a U.S. citizen, is treason. All of these illegal actions which have been taken against me have been treason. Where can I get help? It doesn’t exist – I’m in the trash can of America, living on pennies of the money that I trusted the government with – looking at hyperinflation for the next 40 years. If I’m so “lucky” to get any type of job, I have to PAY BACK the insurance company in full for this psychopathic treatment that has done for these years and have been paying taxes on it too.

    It’s been shown, over and over, that the countries who take care of their populace with individual rights, is wealthy. But in the U.S., we have given “treats” to the megarich with our labor for years, and is now trying to murder “we the people”. The bureaucratics are ruling over us with hate a cruelty amplified against the poor and given special treatment to the banksters, insurance companies, Big Pharma, the “nonprofits”, the medical industry/welfare cartel, the media and the megarich.

    We should be looking at what kind of damage we are doing to people right now – instead of manufacturing more criminal schemes to “hep” the “po'”. The money needs to go to the bottom. The “po'” needs real legal help.

    I supported and voted for you, Mr. Paul, in the last election. I will not make that mistake again.

  • WatchDogg728

    Gov leaves me alone, I can take care of myself…You wont find a better offer anywhere else guys.

  • mrwigiteeman

    how about the fact that the federal government has no authority to tax your compensation for labor at any percentage? He saved himself at the end, but its clear he is supportive of the continued exaction of our earned monies just because people continually accept the requirement that one be a “US Citizen” with their precious SSN, which gives this government the Right to tax you whatever they dang wish! How about an end to the SSA?

    Really? spam? must be that little progressive troll haha.