Ron Paul on Libya and Saudi Arabia

Ron Paul discusses why Congress and the White House won’t be able to resist the temptation of military intervention in Libya and Saudi Arabia (should the uprisings spread there); how the US exports inflation, since commodities are priced in dollars; Ben Bernanke’s opinion that central banks are always the solution to, not the cause of, the world’s economic problems; the dollar’s devaluation reflected in the price of gold; and why, legalized or not, competing currencies will be used in times of economic collapse.


Date: 02/25/2011


  • marniespeaks

    this antiwar guys is so disrespectful


    Everything always leads back to the Bankers.

  • terrygus1

    count 222 ————1040 pm friday 25 2011 google supports war did the us give chemicals to libya for use on there own people—- like chem-aliee?

  • terrygus1

    count 222 ————1040 pm friday 25 2011 google supports war

  • uturniaphobic

    to “print money out of thin air” the US Treasury actually issues Treasury Notes to collateralize the new money to be printed. So new/more money = more debt issued through US Treasury Notes, all paying interest to the investors.
    How that ruins the dollar’s value is our rating, right now the bonds are rated AAA (how? I have no idea) but go to say AA or single A bonds and you need to give more interest to attract investors. Complicated to say the least

  • workingmen1

    see the video ( when car dealers attack ) now now !

  • JJAB91

    Somethings war is the answer.

  • Tehmutednoob

    Saudi needs a new government.

  • depomb

    This man needs to be our next president. I’m not a religious man but I hope to God that people wake up and support him more.

  • workingmen1

    see the video on called ( GM CULTURE ATTACK )

  • moonsalam take care of your dictators tuning your know the corporations, the may be house white slaves..richer since you have so much debts..but slaves is what you are and it’s up to you to choose between being house slaves or free men..

  • MrShane737

    its the jimmy carter era with far worse conditions and will lead to the collapse of the nation……. obama is a george soros david rockefeller goon… and ron paul is real

  • moonsalam

    ..I don’t think the USA can afford further wars..and guys please note that those dictators are ours..we made them and we brake them..don’t be so harsh on your government:).

  • Vincenteloco

    KOOl !

  • XpresloX

    Why USA supported Lybia protester and why not supported the protester in Saudi arabia against the dictator pro-USA ? Double moral !

  • XpresloX

    Why USA supported Lybia protester and why no supported the prostester in Saudi arabi against the dictator pro-USA ?

  • ripper909420

    someone tell the host to stop yelling or turn down his mic

  • KaptKan1

    Scott, I admire your enthusiasm, but STOP YELLING into the microphone please.

  • daderone


  • UseYourThink

    Will Ron Paul be running for President in 2012? If so, then we DEFINITELY need to support Ron Paul.

    “Remember, You Support Ron Paul, You Support Freedom!” – UseYourThink