Ron Paul on Libya and Saudi Arabia

Ron Paul discusses why Congress and the White House won’t be able to resist the temptation of military intervention in Libya and Saudi Arabia (should the uprisings spread there); how the US exports inflation, since commodities are priced in dollars; Ben Bernanke’s opinion that central banks are always the solution to, not the cause of, the world’s economic problems; the dollar’s devaluation reflected in the price of gold; and why, legalized or not, competing currencies will be used in times of economic collapse.


Date: 02/25/2011


  • doggeris

    You know I think Ron Paul would be a good president

  • Knight222able

    تبلغ ثروة آل سعود أكثر من تريليون دولار أمريكي (1000 مليار دولار).[5]، هذا ما يعادل ضعف الناتج المحلي الإجمالي السعودي الذي يبلغ حوالي 600 مليار دولار.[6]

  • AcePilot101

    What part of $14 trillion (national debt) does President Obama not understand?

  • NicosMind

    Im 29. I live in Northern Ireland. I aint never had a hero in my entire life nor ever been prone to hero worship. But as a 27 year old adult i became pleasntly surprised to find my first hero. Ron Paul is a legend and ive been following him for a few years. There is no greater man that i know of.
    Ron Paul for president!
    Vote Peter Schiff!
    And vote UKIP!

  • Ricardo Peres

    Ron, you got it right again! The FED is the machinary of debt, death and deceit. You identified the source of evil in the world, that unifies currencies and divides people. Time to increase the pressure on the gang of Evil! FED = FRAUD!

  • HuMuSuX

    He might no be as good a rhetorician as Obama, but at least he sound like a sincere fellow, unlike most politicians.

  • MrPantallica

    He writes articles, writes speeches and votes “NO”

  • 79merkus

    Just out of curiousity, when I simply type “Ron Paul” into the Youtube search box, the top video in the search results is one of Mitt Romney?

    This is the third time I have noticed it happening in as many weeks.

  • erikwilliamson77

    thanks for the interview and the post. good interview

  • midwestcharm

    It always starts out as “We need to help the people”, then, if you listen it morphs into ‘We need to protect the only democratic friend in the region”

  • YorEcnareves

    Yor Ecnareves 2012 is a better way take back America get control of government day one in office with me. Look into my bio.

  • chyeah115
  • thepopesmokesdope81

    America needs to go into libya,women are being raped in their homes by hired forign milita,protesters are being gased an burnt,hes using fighter jets to bomb his own pepole,this is the 1 and only time i will suport militray action

    • Skid

      I agree. I’m with Ron on Austrian economics, but in international affairs I’ve got to disagree.

      • Libertarian777

        so you disagree with RP on foreign policy and believe we should maintain the status quo of funding friendly dictators (ala Mubarak, Saddam Hussein) and when they are no longer compliant we invade (ala Iraq).

        Who do you think gave Saddam the funding ,weaponry and ability to stay in power? The good old USA. Why? To keep Iran in check. Why did Iran need to be kept in check? because a popular cleric overthrew a dictator sponsored by…the good old USA (Shah of Iran got 80 F-14 fighters).

        Now we’re sponsoring Karzai in Afghanistan because he’s ‘compliant’. Haven’t we seen this story before?

        US claims to want to spread democracy, but when ‘democracy’ happens ala Hezbollah getting elected, then all of a sudden we don’t want ‘that kind’ of democracy. Who are we to say how other people should live, or vote? Would we want China to tell us how to run our country?

        • Skid

          No, no. I’m with George Bush policy. Listen, now that Gaddafi is killing of civilians openly, it would be cheap and effective to shot him and bring democracy to middle Libya.
          Protesters needs America’s support at this moment. Liberating Iraq was expensive, but now is a democracy, liberate Libya would take just a few missiles and bullets.
          Please, read this article to understand what I say.

          • Libertarian777

            when do we invade North Korea to liberate its citizens then? I think we have a few aircraft carriers in the region. just a few bombs and missiles and bullets. Problem solved!

            Shock and awe for Libya would work! Just like Iraq right? the 100 hour war? Mission accomplished!

            Lets roll out the banners!

  • greygoosevodka1
  • watertonrivers

    The underlying conspiracy here is that the US has more than enough oil in the ground to push away from OPEC… The only push we need is to pump it out of the ground and at the same time building new refineries, thus creating millions of new jobs!!

  • astrofrk

    With one exception, I always seem to agree with Dr. Paul. I had to change parties to vote for him for president in 08. I now give up voting because decent canidates of any party will never get a chance. If he ever does, I will reconsidder. I voted Nader since 2000. Mess up the parties; Put Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich and Ralph Nader on the same ticket! Leaders that care about the people and the constitution? They would probably be shot if they had a chance of winning!

    • tj

      With all due respect, why do imbeciles insist on linking Ron Paul with socialists like Nader and Kucinich? Are they serious or just trying to annoy me?

  • r9i9a9p3

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    الله اكبر

  • 1982mockingbird1982

    This might be one of the few time the US would have a good reason for taking military action in another country. I would be impressed if Obama did send Amercian tropps to help defend the rights of Lybian citizens and would skeptically support him. He did say something about human rights being inalienable and trancending the divides of nations(or something). The irony of them backing the corrupt, homicidal torturer Mubarak while claiming to fight for democracy in the middle east isnt lost on me

  • gtfkiller


  • cosmicfeedom

    how much does he need to covince him to run?what do you think of donald trump?