Ron Paul on Libya and Saudi Arabia

Ron Paul discusses why Congress and the White House won’t be able to resist the temptation of military intervention in Libya and Saudi Arabia (should the uprisings spread there); how the US exports inflation, since commodities are priced in dollars; Ben Bernanke’s opinion that central banks are always the solution to, not the cause of, the world’s economic problems; the dollar’s devaluation reflected in the price of gold; and why, legalized or not, competing currencies will be used in times of economic collapse.


Date: 02/25/2011


  • dirkshrubb

    hegemony. hes creating a value consensus. lies.

  • Ovito85

    Americas finest soldier ko’s Grandpa! please check this out. Americans soldiers are fucking mentally retarded!!

  • LongLiveOx

    I’ve never voted Republican in my life, I’ve always voted independant or Democrat, but this man CLEARLY needs to be president, and he’s got my vote, whether he runs or not. I will vote him in, if I have to. I have never heard any politician that speaks with such common sense. He doesn’t always tell you what you want to hear, but he speaks from the heart.

  • Woopa

    You will enjoy this site

  • getafreeipad2day

    the beginning is really annoying you yelling mr ron paul etc. just to let u know, calm down

  • takadi

    I like Ron Paul, but he would be better in Congress or as a campus speaker. He ran a horrific campaign in 2007, rife with problems and money issues you’d expect to see in big government. I volunteered and witnessed all of this. It was incredibly ironic. If his campaign was allowed to get that bad, I don’t want to imagine what he could do in the White House.

    Gary Johnson is a much better candidate, as he has executive experience and a solid liberty record

  • tacluvstoons

    Kill the fed already. I spelled it with a lowercase on purpose.

  • Fedcop78

    The only people that wouldn’t support Ron Paul are either clueless or are foreign spies and their country is a recipient of foreign aid.

  • Zakikhan588

    He will be the same as Obama and Bush. Only talk and same policy as the past. Destroy Israel and there will be peace.

    • Woopa

      Negative comment with zero substance.

      A recommendation to “destroy” an entire country is quite a proposal – if you had any purpose, plan, reason, or vauge suspicion that would logically lead to such a proposal you would have shared it with us.

  • JBBlitz

    Romney care is preventing people who are fiscally responsible for paying for those who are not and get hurt. honestly i don’t want to pay for other peoples healthcare.

  • tipsy3T

    Zero point free

  • tipsy3T

    Ron Paul 2012 – the smartest thing anyone in their lifetime will do period.

  • Optis78

    Ron Paul has balls. Most politicians know this stuff, but they were the ones that love supporting Banksters and Dictators.

  • defexorcist

    In making the reference to our naval presence in the Persian Gulf, he asked what we would think if there was another country with such a presence in the Gulf of Mexico. If we do not change our ways, you can bet good money that when our economy finally keels over China will have a strong naval presence in the Caribbean at the behest of Venezuela, Cuba, Brazil…and probably when the revolts hit S America, Columbia and Peru as well, and everyone else we screwed in Latin America.

  • TheManiacalSatanist6

    Ron Paul is just about the only one speaking sense, as usual.

    On that note, I did a video on Artificial Liquidity within the marketplace. If anyone is interested, go to my channel and check it out.

  • oicub2

    Awesome 13:00
    The American Freedom Agenda (AFA) the enactment of a cluster of statutes that would restore the Constitution’s checks and balances. The 10-point American Freedom Agenda would work to restore the roles of Congress and the federal judiciary to prevent such abuses of power and protect against injustices that are the signature of civilized nations.

  • JBBlitz

    Ron Paul more political obama the messiah words for the same style campaign. Ron Paul talking and talking but not walking and doing no good for nobody yet. this guy ain’t going to be president, someone who was a governor with a good record will like Romney/Daniels 2012.

    • tj

      If only you were more coherent; someone could actually respond to you intelligently. I will say this, Romney and Daniels are the same old thing….and, the definition of idiocy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. You sir,are an idiot.

      We need a president to lower taxes, lower government regulation (especially regulation of the money supply), lower government spending, all while strengthening our national DEFENSE (protecting our borders) — not our national OFFENSE.

  • bm

    Us is behind the ruler take over in the middle east. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was funded by the rockafellers. Government manipulate you through media the government cares about around election year. Lincoln was behind a war against his own people far worse than Libya. Want a better government vote ron Paul for president of the united states in 2012.

  • drew335533

    One question for Neo-Cons is what is/has happened in Iraq? It seems after invading their country and getting their old dictator out of office, they really aren’t in that great of a position now.

  • voltrabbit7

    Schiff & Paul 2012