Ron Paul: Reject the Welfare-Warfare State!

Congress Must Reject the Welfare/Warfare State

by Ron Paul

During the past few weeks, Congress has been locked in a battle to pass a continuing resolution to fund government operations through September. Both supporters and opponents of the bill, HR 1, claim it is a serious attempt to reduce federal spending. However, an examination of the details of the bill call that claim into question. For one thing, the oft-cited assertion that HR 1 reduces spending by $99 billion is misleading. The $99 billion figure merely represents the amount that HR 1 reduces spending from the President’s proposed Fiscal Year 2011 budget – not reductions in actual spending. Trying to claim credit for a reduction in spending based on cuts in proposed spending is like claiming someone is following a diet because he had only five slices of pizza when he intended to have 10 slices!

In fact, HR 1 only reduces real federal spending by $66 billion compared to last year’s budget. This may seem like a lot to the average American but in the context of an overwhelming trillion-dollar budget and a national debt that could exceed 100 percent of GNP in September, it is barely a drop in the bucket.

One reason that HR 1 does not cut spending enough is that too many fiscal conservatives continue to embrace the fallacy that we can balance the budget without reducing spending on militarism. Until Congress realizes the folly of spending trillions pretending to impose democracy on the world we will never be able to seriously reduce spending.

Congress must not only reject the warfare state, it must also reject the welfare state. HR 1 is more aggressive in ending domestic spending than foreign spending, and does zero out some objectionable federal programs such as AmeriCorps. However, HR 1 leaves most of the current functions of the federal government undisturbed. This bill thus continues the delusion that we can have a fiscally responsible and efficient welfare state.

The failure to even attempt to address the serious threat the welfare-warfare state poses to American liberty and prosperity is the main reason why supporters of limited government and individual liberty ultimately should find HR 1 unsatisfactory. Only a rejection of the view that Congress can run the economy, run our lives, and run the world will allow us to make the spending reductions necessary to avert a serious financial crisis. This does not mean we should not prioritize and discuss how to gradually transition away from the welfare state in a manner that does not harm those currently relying on these programs. However, we must go beyond balancing the budget to transitioning back to a free society, and that means eventually placing responsibility for social welfare back in the hands of individuals and private institutions.

Despite the overheated rhetoric heard during the debate, HR 1 is a diversion from the difficult task of restoring constitutional government and a free economy and society. It is time for Congress to get serious about cutting spending, not merely tinkering around the edges of the proposed budget and kicking the can down the road for future generations. If we fail to act decisively now, there will soon come a time when both our money and our capacity to borrow will run out. When that happens, our ability to negotiate and play political games with spending priorities will be over. To avoid real chaos, the time to start dealing with our bloated government budget is right now.


  • IKSDoomie

    Shut down the gov. Send them home and lets move on. Bring our troops home and close the southern border. Produce goods here at home…..seems simple…..

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    Ron Paul 2024

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    Ron Paul is the only common sense in America and a minority are listening. What does this say about America… It says Americans are pretty much stupid, ignorant fools that rise more stupid, ignorant fools. Can you see where this leads. The END OF AMERICA. I know many are unable to wake up due to ignorance but what about the rest of you with a brain. Ron Paul is the only person that can turn this thing around.

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    it is extremely important that people become informed about Ron Paul and hear his message, for he will give us the CHANGE WE WANT

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    Ron Paul for POTUS!!!!

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    ron will be killed if he is ever presiden just like jfk

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      I guess we’ll just have to hook him up with a set of tough chicks like Qaddafi has:)

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    Yeah, fuck starving people!

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      I was going to report my neighbors for smoking pot but I decided to report your dumb comment instead.

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    One of the only few sane voices in politics!!!!!

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    bro, i wouldn’t put welfare with warfare on the same verse

    we have to take care the weakest among us b/c we are one

    • David

      It’s all relevant. If we stop policing the world and fighting unnecessary wars, the government wouldn’t need to steal so much money from us. If the government doesn’t steal as much money from us, tons more people have a surplus of money. When you have a country full of people with a surplus in money instead of the diminishing of the middle class like you see today, then more people are able to donate to organizations created simply for those in need of help.

  • shanepaulcoward

    Ron Paul quite simply is the best asset the US has right now. Unfortunately, the current political system is so corrupted the odds are heavily stacked against his becoming the next US President, and so the current fiasco will more than likely continue unabated until total collapse occurs.

    In which case, we then need to track and ensure that these criminal banksters swing from lamp posts. Maybe, in Bernake’s case, from the lantern under the entrance canopy of the White House would be suitable?


    I’m going to cut my spending at exactly the same ratio as the President – 1/35,000 of my total budget. After doing the math, it looks like instead of spending $4,000 a month; I’m going to have to cut that number downward by eleven cents!

  • watertonrivers

    Here is were I would start cutting; The bloated Dept. of Defense, ending the multi-trillion dollar wars, the Fed would be abolished, Homeland Security–abolished, Dept. of Education–slashed, EPA–slashed, Dept of Agriculture–slashed, and many many others…What’s the problem?? There is plenty of fat to be cut!!!

  • joygarner

    No matter how against socialism I am, I also believe that this is NOT the time to fight the “liberals” on social spending. The fact is, if we could get rid of the cost of the central banks and their thieving member banks, we could cut taxes by 50% and double our social programs. We MUST stay focused on the biggest REAL enemy FIRST, then we’ll have the strength to sort out the rest of it.

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    Run Ron Run!

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