Ron Paul Asks Ben Bernanke: How Do You Define a Dollar?

Ron Paul confronts Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke on monetary policy, and says that Fed policy has not helped to stabilize the economy over the last 30 years or so. Paul asks how the Fed can manage monetary policy if it doesn’t have a definition for a dollar. And, he adds, gold is the true long-term measurement of value

Date: 03/02/2011


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  • warobsessive

    money has no value as it represents resources which have been rationed by corporations to make profit. Truth of the matter is that the earth is so abundant in resources, if everyone had what they needed, if no one was starving, if no one was sick, the monetary system could not function. Our world relies on death and destruction to survive and these corporations will make sure as many of us as possible are sick and deprived so they can keep making money.

    Venus Project FTW!

  • PaulRon2008

    The Bernake has a suitcase packed for Hawaii or some other sunny exotic local. There he will contemplate the value of a dollar,,, Stuff it will buy? Really? is this why the CPI does not include gas and food? Ha ha ha

  • swift562

    the buying power of the dollar wont be shit without shit to back it up! so DOLLAR IS CRAP. Invest in GOLD AND SILVER and save YOURSELF PEOPLE. INFLATIOIN IS HERE. DR. RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT!

  • SpraxIAKS

    We give gold value for in fact it’s just a rock.

    • tj

      It might not be the easiest thing to grasp. However, I will try to explain why gold is not just a rock. Mankind became an economic being…creating wealth…growing food, hunting and fishing…building shelter…building tools…creating art and creature comforts…clothing, furniture, etc.
      However, economic progress for mankind did not occur until the division of labor. If I fish, I can catch more than I need, but will have no time to make a frying pan. If you make frying pans all day for people, you will not have time to catch your own fish. I need a frying pan, you need fish. We trade. And, if life was that simple, there would be no need for money. But, we know it is not. I, the great fisherman need more than a frying pan. I need shoes, fishing poles chairs, tables, shelter, etc…And, althouI catch plenty of fish, some people I need/want things from might not want my fish, but they want something from someone else. So I need to give my fish to someone so I can get something else to trade for something else that someone else makes….uh oh…am I confusing you? Good, because economic transactions are complex and confusing. We need something…mmmmm… about money…in order to carry on the transactions necessary to create wealth for everyone.

      So, what is money? Something we use to enable us to conduct transactions. I know, let’s use leaves that we gather in the fall. I will give you 1000 leaves for a loaf of bread, Mr Baker. So, R Aker takes my 1000 leaves and will then purchase a gallon of milk from the farmer. Ut, wait a minute…by the time he gets to the farmer for the milk, some of the leaves decompose. HIs money, the leaves, did not serve him well because leaves lack DURAILITY…an integral characteristic of money.

      But, other things are durable…can they be used for money? Gold is durable, portable, rare enough, and divisible…all characteristics of sound money.Yet, other things can and have been used as money. And other things should be used as money too…depending on what the market bears…but, is gold just a rock? Of course not,…gold feeds the world…literally.

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  • lilgooberhead

    “consumers don’t want to buy gold” wtf…i don’t want to say anything buuuuut, tons of people are buying gold and silver coin, and even junk silver and gold because they believe the dollar IS going to collapse. Dumbshit, America already knows you fucked up, so just admit it and fix it. End the Fed! Ron Paul 2012

  • LadyBuggin777

    Berneke is soooo full of SHIT~

  • imatelly

    i buy gold and silver it’s in my basket,anyone that keeps dollars nowadays is crazy

  • dbi1036

    get him RON, F%$# BerNNNNNNANNKE

  • offmynutz9000

    ron paul does all the thinking for me then i just say THATS RAWWGHT!!!!

  • ElectroPaganAnon

    The entire monetary system is built on debt….so we’re pretty much screwed from the beginning…

  • davitodude

    Not only does the Fed have gold they have entire banks full of nothing but gold.

  • ckairnes68

    Ben Bernanke of the “Supervisory and Regulatory Regime” knows Ron Paul is the man that will facilitate the restoration of the constitutional republic. April 15, 2011 sounds like a great day for a trip to Boston. End the Fed!!! Neocons and RINOs stay home or at work. We don’t need false patriotism mucking up a good thing.

  • LacedShit

    I give him credit this time. Atleast he didnt act like a smug asshole.

  • MarkQuinn2k7

    These endless Paul-Bernanke slugfests are boring and unproductive. Just open the fuckin’ books already.

  • edarotag84

    Bernaenke you puppet, because you and the rest of the “PRIVATELY OWNED” non federal federal reserve scum bags, we will have HYPER inflation very soon, and will not be able to buy food with YOUR worthless dollar!

  • PikSokolit

    Yesssss i love seeing Bernanke squirm like the sname he is. Ron Paul is great !!

  • optical76

    Ron Paul, you’re awesome.

  • levonet33

    FAIR TAX dot COM.Ron Paul 2012.