Ron Paul Asks Ben Bernanke: How Do You Define a Dollar?

Ron Paul confronts Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke on monetary policy, and says that Fed policy has not helped to stabilize the economy over the last 30 years or so. Paul asks how the Fed can manage monetary policy if it doesn’t have a definition for a dollar. And, he adds, gold is the true long-term measurement of value

Date: 03/02/2011


  • LOL, the prices have gone up because of ECONOMIC GROWTH, which in turn brings about increasing inflation and lower unemployment. Not to mention the increase in your GDP per capita, increasing individuals PPP. And, FYI, the Treasury is in charge of printing money. The Fed targets reserves, which influence, financial institutions lending policies. Not only has the dollar improved its purchasing power relative to 40 years ago, it has increased jobs.

  • The question is….who are you working for?

  • another note, how has there been improvement on the dollar if the continuence of printing money has caused it’s value to decrease in the last 40 yrs and has never once risen? 40 years ago we cold buy a can of soda for 25 cents. today you’re lucky to get a can of soda for 75 cents. 40 years ago a gal of gas was 50 cents, today it’s near 4 dollars. think about that for a minute, and ask yourself how the dollar has improved.


  • I find it interesting that he says that. it’s backwards thinking. truthfully, the dollar is only given value by the government that prints it. You take an american dollar bill to other countries and try buying from supermarkets and malls with it. See what happens. chances are you’ll be turned away.

  • A dollar is worth whatever a dollar can buy. Thanks for clearing that up, Mr. Bernanke, you pathetic fraud. RON PAUL IN 2012!! The rest are posers

  • Bernanke’s a fucking liar!

  • I can’t wait until he’s President and fires Ben Bernanke’s ass.

  • Definition of fed reserve note- worthless pieces of shit only given vLue by massive unrealistic worldwide demand.

  • hahaha look at the dude passed out at 3:43, no wonder there fucks cant’ come to any agreements.

  • hahaha look at the dude passed out at 3:43, no wonder there fucks cant’ come to any agreements.

  • In 1987, I would go around the corner to my local food shop and would can buy 4 fried chicken wings (the wings + the little drumstick) for $1. Or I could buy a fried chicken leg (whole leg including the thigh) for $0.75 This is all fully cooked and delicious… Compared to today, my dollar has fallen a lot in value.

  • i call BS on the inflation rate being around 2 percent for the last 5 yrs.

  • buying power of dollar is shit 4dollars for 1 gallon what a joke this is what inflation looks like

  • Take you money ought of the bank and buy Silver and Gold and shut down the banks

  • who the people always behind politicians? assistants?

  • Ben Shalom Bernanke