Ron Paul Asks Ben Bernanke: How Do You Define a Dollar?

Ron Paul confronts Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke on monetary policy, and says that Fed policy has not helped to stabilize the economy over the last 30 years or so. Paul asks how the Fed can manage monetary policy if it doesn’t have a definition for a dollar. And, he adds, gold is the true long-term measurement of value

Date: 03/02/2011


  • whb99

    I did this… I had 12 $100 bills, I asked my son, 14, and his friend What is money? Crumpled the bills, threw them all over. Most were recovered, but I think my 4YO grandson got a couple, he knows them for what they are, green pieces of paper without much room left to color on!

  • Skid

    4:05 looks like Bernanke is showing him the finger.

  • knightgoneking

    a word for those that are not sure what to have as a game plan for the looming crash of the dollar and all the hell that will fallow. i would advise learning to live off the land and all that is provides and to train up on survival skills also.

    Its like this, when the shit hits the fan do you want to just stand around an hold up in your homes waiting to be rounded up and hold off to a fema camp or just flat out killed. i sure hope that you all are smarter than that and take pre-emptive steps.

  • chop98

    All I could hear when Uncle Ben was talking was a low droll tone in my ears. Did he say he didn’t care if we like it or not? Did he say he and his posse were going to bring us to our knees for New World Odor?

  • gfcardi

    What is up with that FAT HEAD in front of the Honorable Dr. Paul? It’s so distracting! Is that Peter from Family Guy? I keep hearing the theme song from Family Guy when I see that fat dude’s fat head. Is that Fatty Arbuckle? Talk about too much fat in Government! Cut the fat!

    End the Fat…I mean Fed.

  • whitedragon1337

    4:20 – “Our mandate is maximum employment and price stability…it’s the buying power of the dollar…that is important and that’s what I call price stability…”

    Really Ben? If that is truly your mandate, and with a 96% decline in the purchasing power of the dollar since the creation of the Fed…then the policies of the Fed since it’s founding can only be described in one way…”The Mother of All Epic Fails.”

  • MrWakethesheeple

    Turn your anger into solutions. I want to end the Fed as much as you do. If you can be calm, focused and dedicated you will do more to End the Fed than someone who gets violent and pissed off.

  • MrWakethesheeple

    I love you for hating Bernanke…..but replace your hate with focus and a soft voice. That’s how we are going to beat these assholes.

  • MrWakethesheeple

    They want us to get violent. Turn off Alex Jones and stay away from sideshow conspiracies that can’t be proven. We need to be calm, patient and work with dumb people. That’s how we are going to win. I want to abolish the Federal Reserve as much as you do. Peace.

  • marniespeaks

    2% doesn’t count food and energy

    arrest this guy

  • marniespeaks

    end the FED
    arrest the crooks

  • sonofsigns

    i’d like to fuck bernankes face to death, fuckin scum

  • kellyhood66

    Since the Fed is a private cartel of bankers and not an official arm of the government, they should be open for a class action lawsuit naming every working American, every tax paying American, and every person who has ever been forced to hold or posses a Federal Reserve bank note. What they have done by definition is counterfeiting and should be prosecuted as such.

  • linkin622
  • BlackAdderLXX

    3:47 Bernake sitting there looking smug. I’d like to smack him…

  • Stepper11

    I was watching this live on CNBC (sometimes you have to check in on the enemy). Of course the Fed shills chose to go to commercial break when Ron started speaking. Then, when they came back, the dumb ass HOst decided it was appropriate to mock Paul (how’s that for honest objectivity) for asking what is an entirely logical question, while BurntheBanksters refused to answer.

  • watchthewarnings

    America Under Siege – Revelations (On Facebook)……The Fed was created in 1913 by elitist bankers…Rockefeller, JP Morgan, Chase etc. in an effort to secure wealth. It is not overseen or even audited by the United States Government….in fact…it is not even subject to auditing and has never been audited by the U.S. Government. The Fed…basically runs our government right now. Its time to take our country back.

  • Imprtracr1

    Somebody should kill Ben Bernake ASAP

  • sihtmapstnac

    How Do You Define a Dollar?


  • msungs

    The USSA Government is the world terrorist. The country is controlled by and is a mere puppet of the Federal Reserve as “Federal” as Federal Express. The Federal Reserve tries to make itself sound official and government sanctioned and constitutional by giving itself the nickname the Fed. We must stop calling it this because it confuses the masses of Sheeple. Ron Paul is a modern day Founding Father. Ben “Bubbles” Bernanke is a financial terrorist and should be hung, the day is approaching.