Ron Paul: No Dollars for Dictators! (Israel Will Thank Us, Too.)

Ron Paul tries to convince Hillary Clinton to end the U.S. government’s long-standing policy of supporting and funding murderous dictators in the Middle East: even if she remains untouched by the moral argument, she should at least do it for the good of Israel.

Date: 03/01/2011


  • A-fikin-MEN!!!!!

  • You have got to be kidding me? You love Hiliary Clinton? I don’t like to be confrontational. I feel like people are free to have their own opinions but when I see blatant blindness, I can’t hold my toung. She is pro-war. What is wrong with you??? Has she ever contributed to anything peaceful?

  • What a whole loads of JACKASSES in that government.
    Here you see Ron Paul making real points and questions the woman brushes them off and refuses to deal with it seriously…

    Then you see some fucking idiot praising this woman and thanking her for her services!!

  • My fellow Paul supporters (pardon the grammar, trying to type big message into little space
    As you are aware the Good Doctor hasn’t won a state yet and the media ignores him. At this rate, he isnt likely to win the nomination or the presidency. So WE must spread the word on the utube about his reasoning Lets write 3 things about his plans all around utube so he will be impossible to ignore Copy+paste onto other Ron Paul videos and spread the word!
    *I don’t represent Ron Paul, I support him.