Ron Paul: The Best Income Tax Rate is 0%

Ron Paul on taxes, military spending, monetary policy and unions.

Date: 03/02/2011


  • Why? What happens when you run out of gold to mine?

  • yes i want the gold standard back, and no more empires

  • I’m being Disfigured & Tortured by the Israeli Government/ Hebrew Cartels with Radio Frequency war program weapons & synthetic telepathy. The Terrorist acts by the Israelis & Hebrews is unbearable. Sleep deprivation is the worst terrorist act by the Israelis/Hebrew cartels against Americans

  • I agree that there are quite a few Obama fans who expect the government to pay for everything. I don’t agree with that, but I do think everyone should have healthcare.

  • No.

  • Democrats and Republicans seem to agree that the working man should pay less taxes. Bush cut taxes for them, and Obama has continued that policy. The difference in opinion is on how much to tax the rich.

  • When did I mention anything about the population increase?

    The income tax was needed as the size of government grew. If we didn’t have an income tax, we’d be in much deeper debt right now.

    In recent years, it’s been the Republicans who’ve been warmongers (like Bush).

    Keynesian economists like Paul Krugman will tell you that printing money is not a bad thing. You want to go back to the gold standard?

  • Obama’s gonna pay for my gas, my mortage, my cell phone, my car, my health insurance and I don’t have ta work…………….what a fantastic potus. lol

  • FDR was a war monger? How do you figure that? We were attacked by Japan, and Germany declared war on us.

    Yes, WW2 helped the economy because there was massive spending. In a tanked economy, you need to spend.