Morally, it is inexcusable for the US to pick sides in such…

Morally, it is inexcusable for the US to pick sides in such conflicts overseas, no matter how odious either side may be. Financially, it is no longer possible. Buying Friends Creates More Enemies Last week Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and I had the opportunity to raise some of my concerns regarding US foreign policy and the costs of our interventionism around the world. — Ron Paul

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  • Rahm Emanuel and Jim Carvell have develop the plan to deflect media attention from the the economy. Why? Because Obama is experiencing his approval ratings drop so that they need an enemy that will demonize. So why not accept Rush and create a media backlash? It was very helpful this week. But now that many has come out concerning this Louis Vuitton Online plot to destroy Dash, don’t you think the Federal government will lose face? Much like a bumbling magician endeavoring to pull a rabbit out and about his backside, 0 must have your diversion, so targeting Rush is the activity, just look at the many diversion it pulls upon YA! Meanwhile the economic miracle rabbit remains to be up there somewhere. ROFLMAO Nothing has Failed whatsoever. You have no clue what your talking about. The Bill was signed 17 days ago the country has not gotten much worse since that time. Yes, Obama’s secret plan seriously makes me mad. Obama forced Rush to state “I hope Obama fails” the government financial aid January before Obama experienced even taken office. Then Obama convinced Michael Steele to be on CNN and criticize Rush. I can’t believe what powers Obama should Louis Vuitton Sale force Republicans to accomplish stupid things. Obama must be a few master Svengali. Obamas failed economy plan? Geez, let the guy perform his job hes only been there for two months. Bush messed our financial state up for 8 a long time. Were you pointing hands then? Or was that unpatriotic at that time? Conservetives are a interesting little bunch arent these people? What has it been – 45 days around office or something? What kind of expectations do uneducated people possess? How long do many people think it should decide to use undo 8 years of poor governing? The so-called controversy appeared to be contrived and propagated through the left wing players. The o-bomb administration has a lot of friends in the media who’ll not call them with this stupid plot. So, no they will n’t have to lose face because regard. They are making their particular party look like numerous idiots. I can not can try some do not observe this. This is very insulting to the intelligence that belongs to them party. The best part is more and more lib/dems are calling in to Louis Vuitton Online Rush which means progressively more lib/dems are listening in order to true American ideals. Bob. The Republicans who apologize and also grovel at Rush’s feet deflect attention through the Democrats and if they had not done this there may not be a Rush deflection strategy. Also you might want to check your facts on internet land besides Faux News. Their polls showed McCain winning until eventually the time he missing big.