Ron Paul: Leave Libya Alone!

Ron Paul speaks out against yet another foreign quagmire and argues that a potential no-fly zone over Libya is an act of war that would require congressional approval.

Date: 03/10/2011



    there is NO doubt this guy should be president!i LOVE this GREAT AMERICAN! RON PAUL 2012!
    V for Victory
    YOU (WE) are the resistance

  • StAind8786

    just one more year with this idiot Obama then he can go die for all we care
    Ron Paul 2012!

  • Verator

    It’s amazing most Americans have no idea how right this man is.

  • felix13122

    Ron Paul for president!

  • blt40

    Ya Leave Libya Alone!

  • DanielDamascusKimery

    What was Obama saying about Bullying. Hey BO practice what you preach hypocrite.

    Ron Paul 2012!

  • cheddarbomb

    I completely agree with you Ron.

  • Intinator

    I love how it says on my computer screen there are 301 views, yet 325 “Likes” are listed haha that just shows the unanimous approval of Ron Paul 😉

  • Adelaide1200

    Here goes the USSA backing another Zion puppet regime.

  • woodlandcammo27

    Ron Paul 2012! He is correct! Over 100,000 applying for dissability now from these “wars”. We can not afford this! We now have over 35% of the people in the United States living on Social Secuirity and welfare programs. That is staggering!

  • MrWow12

    whats on July 4th?/

  • macnmanny

    i actually agree with this republican. we don’t need to be the world police.

  • immrlizard

    Thank you Mr Paul. You stated facts that cannot be argued. I don’t agree with some of what you stand for but this is something that I fully agree with.

  • MrNukinFutz

    He makes some really good points

  • eduran1

    What a bunch of hypocrites.

  • conuregirl007

    The only one who makes any sense whatsoever. Why is that?

  • harj2009

    Ron Paul and David Stockman 2012

  • BankofSpirit

    we can’t con’t to be, being against being, anti-nature. nature kneads us, we need nature. we must face what hates man/nature, wants our eternal death. zionists are anti-life, cause/effect us to take axe to orchard to erect plastic fruit factory, fiat plants, so we slave, make/sell fiat fruit/earn fiat $/buy poisoned food. in OUR cities peons/zionists have taken over, sow deviancy, transfers wealth/spirit from life to the CORPSe .PEE-ON’s make it all possible yet we attack puppets, CORPSe clowns.

  • MagnusIan

    Our government is a dog whose chain has snapped, leaving Rover to run around and shit on our neighbor’s yard. It’s time to get an electroshock collar for the mutt and be done with it.

  • MATT131311

    Ron Paul for president. Urge all people to vote for him. It’s time for a true change. Or we will parish. F the nwo