Ron Paul: The Dollar Will Be Rejected

Ron Paul warns about the coming dollar crisis.

Date: 03/11/2011


  • BudWithBeats76

    We need to allow the creation of new currency. Back it with gold and silver so it actually means something. We’ll still have problems but we will have a stable place to land and start rebuilding. Ron Paul introduced a bill that would do this but of course it was ignored and rejected. Say what you want about Ron and Rand but when it all crashes we’ll all feel very dumb for not listening to them when we still had a chance to save ourselves.

  • mascar33

    It does not matter if Ron was president or not, the system is on auto pilot to the gates of hell. Protect yourself the best you can before the train wreck.

  • t66wood

    “can we afford to invade another muslim country”, why not “can we afford to invade another country”? Fox news really doesn’t like muslims

  • JBBlitz

    good hopefully the dollar does get rejected so we can’t keep borrowing and racking debts for kids to pay off, jobs can’t be shipped overseas if we can’t trade with other nations, and USA has resources to be totally independent on itself. than we can burn bills all the way down to the gold standard.

  • t66wood

    I like Ron Paul, but I hate Fox News, therefore I am torn between liking and not liking this video

  • fromthelandofozz

    why cant they let the people decide, have people registrar with there social security number and some details to a gov website to vote on each bill / proposal. lets say the people have two weeks to vote (opional) from when congress introduces a bill, no more lobbyists bribing things into there favor, no more arguing over pennies , what was it, 57b cuts yet a 14t admitted debt and 1t deficit, big frigging deal


    When the dollar does not crash, are they going to apologize for getting it wrong? That’s a pretty serious prediction that could cost someone a fortune if they were persuaded and invested accordingly. Gold buggers have been predicting a dollar collapse at least since Sept 2008. It’s been 30 months and the dollar is at about the same level it was in Sept 2008 according to the Fed’s dollar index. How much longer till they say “woops…we were wrong! Sorry!!”????????

  • DustinThePooper

    End anchor babies.
    Reform “citizenship”

  • chekchamon

    Respond to this video…
    Love Ron.Paul; Hate GlenBeck

  • funnyclaw

    I love Ron Paul. He’s our best hope for changing our country around. But I fear if he’s elected president, he will be assassinated like Garfield, JFK and Lincoln who have the same beliefs as Ron Paul which is destroying the Federal Reserve and the central banking system. If that happens, there could be a civil war coming.. the average people VS the government and bankers.

  • merlinspower

    The Soup lines of the 30’s depression will be back and I will post them on You-tube as my first video. Reality check. There is no hiding the facts anymore . Government spending has us ALL in the poor house. I am BROKE, and I admit it. I owe more than I am worth. =therefore I am Ashamed. What will history write about me and MY Broke generation . WE ARE the BABY BOOMERS.


    Shill Beck made sure he wasn’t there for the Ron Paul interview. LOL’s

  • worldnewsbbc1

    More alarmist nonsense. PIMPCO didn’t dumpb bonds because they lost faith in the dollar.

    Bill Gross from Pimco said the following: “Well, we haven`t lost faith in the U.S. government. You know, America is still strong and the economy is growing, and we have, you know, perhaps $30 billion or $40 dollars worth of U.S. treasury bills. But those are shorter maturity obligations.”

  • NoBailout4Banksters

    Dr. Ron Paul/Dr. Rand Paul 2012

    “Only Doctors Will Heal Our Country”

  • BorgKing001

    we don’t need a libertarian president, we need a libertarian senate

  • drewzillasaurusrex

    Diebold 2012!

  • wang0fett

    the judge on glenn beck permanently would be awesome. he can do 2 shows

  • AllOtherNamesTaken2

    all I can say is


  • MrGottabefree

    If we dont put Ron in Office , we have no one to blame but ourselves! Ron Paul2012

  • brown55061

    This cracks me up. The idiot bankers and federal branch threaten martial law, government shut down and welfare cuts while we send billions of dollars of aid out every day to tragedies. Not to mention they continue spreading the wars and rebuilding Afghan and Iraq as they blow it up with million dollar bombs. They have NO RIGHT to threaten austerity while they continue wasting OUR money.